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Grand Opening Of WOFS MTA

The second Indonesian World of Feng Shui Boutique, located in Mall Taman Anggrek's (MTA) Gramedia bookstore, held its grand opening on Thursday, 3rd April 2003.

Teddy, Sulaiman, Melanie and Indra Gunawan pose at the entrance of the new boutique

Strategically located along Jalan S. Parman, Mall Taman Anggrek is the biggest mall in Jakarta at the moment, with three departmental stores (Matahari, Rimo and Metro), as well as bookstores, boutiques, restaurants, cinemas, and other specialty stores.

Those present at the event included bookstore manager of MTA Mr. Sulaiman, Matraman BS Manager Mr. Boedi Yogi, Gramedia Group Director Mr. Teddy Surianto, Director of PT Mata Angin Ms. Melanie Masman and members of the press.


Teddy Surianto officiates the opening by cutting the ribbon while Sulaiman and Indra Gunawan look on.

The ceremony began with prayers of blessing, followed by a speech from Mr. Indra Gunawan, VP of Gramedia Group, regarding how Feng Shui improves one's life and how simple it is to implement.

Mr. Gunawan also mentioned that the Feng Shui Almanac and magazine will further aid customers in their understanding of the ancient science. Mr. Gunawan then proceeded to unveil the boutique's signature red-and-gold signage, and Mr. Teddy Surianto officiates the opening with the ribbon cutting ceremony. Entering the boutique before the guests, two employees rang the 7-metal ringing bells to attract fresh yang energy and good fortune into the boutique.

The event ended with an invitation to the guests for refreshments and to browse around the new outlet.

Address :
WOFS03#10 Mall Taman Anggrek (MTA)
Ground Level Lt. G
16 - 19 Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav.
21 Slipi Jakarta Barat

Tel : 6221-56999488 / 56999490


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