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Plants For Health And Life

THE SPIRIT of the home comes alive when happiness prevails. One can depend on Feng Shui to make the inhabitants feel strong and fulfilled. Along with colors, music, lights, water and sounds, plants are important tools to create a healthy and lively atmosphere. Growing plants signify good Feng Shui.

Plants bring in the “wood element” and it is beneficial to grow them in the eastern and southeastern parts of the home and office. They bring about steady growth in career and increase longevity. Placed in the south, they bring honour; reputation and even fame.

Plants are also used to counteract offending corners that protrude. Large plants can be placed in front of such corners and pillars to deflect the shar-chi or poison arrows created by such protrusions.

However, it is very important to keep them under control by cutting back and trimming them regularly. Dying plants should be immediately discarded. Prickly plants like the cactus create tiny silvers of poisonous energy which can cause illness and misfortunes. They are best placed outside the home or office where they take on protective roles.

Some plants play a very important role in enhancing the important role in enhancing the Feng Shui of an environment. One plant that is instrumental in enhancing the feng shui of an environment is the bamboo which signifies longevity and a life of good health.

The jade plant is another auspicious shrub that is regarded as the ‘wealth plant’ in feng shui. The leaves resemble the precious jade stone. Placed in the southeast corner of the home it brings wealth and on the display windows of shops, it attracts customers.

The orange plant is also believed to bring wealth. Laden with fruits, it symbolizes prosperity. Lime trees weighed down with ripe healthy fruits symbolize good fortune and prosperity. Placed outside the house, they have the power to absorb all bad chi instantly.

Plants such as the lily and the kotus enhance longevity, luck and good vibrations. They also indicate a heightened sense of mental peace and encourage spiritual development.

However, plants should never be placed in the bedroom. The other thing to remember is that it is only the luscious healthy and green plant that brings prosperity, longevity and success.

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