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Q & A with Sweety Arora

Wedding Bells

 My sister's date of birth is October 25, 1973. What is her Kua number ? We have been searching for a good alliance for her from the time she was 27 year old. However had no luck so far. When can we expect her marriage to be ?

 Dear Chaitali,

Your sister is a metal person and her Kua number is 6. Her personal marriage and relationship direction is south-west.

She should energise this direction the most. She should sleep with her head pointed to this direction. Place a small red-coloured lamp in the south-west of her bedroom.

Next to that she can place two marble boulders on a red cloth. Placing a picture of a wedding couple here will be very effective. Tell her to wear of earthy and red shades of clothes.

Clear out her her room off all clutter as many times it is seen that some old stuff in the house tends to emit energies that hold back people and don't let go, so be sure to clean out old stuff.

Christmas Gifts

 Even though we are Christians, we believe a lot in Feng Shui. Can you please give me tips as to what type of Christmas gifts I should give or not give to my friends and relatives this year which will be good for them and us.

Joseph Sen
 Dear Joseph,

Giving and receiving gifts is viewed with much favour in every culture. From a Feng Shui perspective, auspicious gift giving brings luck to both the recipient and giver, everyone benefits.

Gifts should be wrapped in a bright yang colour such as red or gold colour paper. Tying with a red or gold ribbon will activate an auspicious gift. This reflects a positive attitude and mirrors the goodwill you fell towards your recipient.

Almost any auspicious object makes an auspicious gift since we are entering the period of 8 next year, you can welcome in the new Earth energy by making crystals your Christmas gift this year.

Objects made of stones and crystals such as good luck hangings, or bracelets are also good. Shells and candles will also bring good luck, not to forget the evergreen and ever-loved box of chocolates which spread sweetness around.

Avoid giving clocks and watches as they symbolize time running out. Never give sharp objects like swords, knives or weapons as gifts as they tend to cut off or tear relationship.

Another taboo gift are empty boxes, wallets and purses. Make sure to have put in at least a small token of money or a small gift into it. .

Dept Trap

 I am having lot of dept problem for the last five years. I have a small flat apart from one flat where I stay. I am trying to dispose the smaller one for the last six months so that my dues can be cleared. When everything is negotiated, the prospective buyer just remains incommunicado. The flat where I stay is facing north and the one I am trying to dispose is facing east. My date of birth is March 2, 1955. When will my problems be over ?

S.R. Muralidharan
 Dear S.R. Muralidharan,

Your major concern is to sell off the small flat. Here are some time tested tips on how to dispose of property : Install a light at the rear end of the house, let it be on continuously. This lifts the energy of the house infusing it with Yang Chi, thereby attracting occupants, Draw an image of a bird with the price tag of your flat in its mouth near the front door. Even if there is nobody occupying the area make sure that it is kept absolutely clean and clutter free.

Health Woes

 My mother ( DOB 29.07.1945 4 PM ) is suffering from minor heart problems, arthritis and general weakness. There has been no improvement in her health conditions despite adequate medical treatment. She spends most of her time in the northern-most room of the house and the house faces south. The toilet she uses is in the eastern part of the house. She sleeps with her head to the west. Can you please suggest some remedy ?

Shanti Jain
 Dear Shanti,

As per your mother's birthdate, she is an earth element person. Since she is suffering from ill health she should be occupying the southwest or the northeastern areas of the house. Try to keep her away from the exact east since that belongs to the wood element which is harmful for her. She should be sleeping with her head pointing to these favourable directions. Also,place some earthenware articles in the southwest corner of her room. Tell her to wear more of the earth coloured clothes.

Exam Ennui

 I am undergoing a lot of mental stress these days. I keep on failing all the important exams that I sit for. Such a thing has never happened before. Even after I re-sat for some papers I failed. Please help.

 Dear Harish,

I can imagine how miserable you are feeling. What kind of exams are you taking ? You have not sent me your birthdate. So I cannot be specific enough. However, I can give some tips. First of all try and find out your kua no. Based on that, while studying, always sit facing you success direction. I am sure just now you are facing your total loss direction please check it out. Also, whenever you sit down to study hold a raw, unleaded quartz crystal in one of your hands. This is one of the best retainers of information. During exam you must carry this along with you. It will refresh your memory and help. But no matter how good your Feng Shui, you cannot pass if you do not put in solid, hard work..

Hailing from Calcutta, Sweety Arora and Leena Taneja, students of Lillian Too and certified Feng Shui consultants are taking India by storm! In an effort to increase understanding of the ancient science in their home country, World of FengShui franchisees Leena and Sweety regularly contribute articles to the India Times, and Sweety even has her own feng shui advice column that appears weekly in the same periodical.