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Q & A with Sweety Arora

Jingle Bells

 I have recently purchased a set of windchimes, i.e one big and one small. Canyou please advise as to where to hang them ?

Ramola N
 Dear Ramolai,

Windchimes ? What are your windchimes made of ?. If they are made of metal then they are best placed in the NorthWest or the West sectors as metal is the ruling element their. You can also place it in the North as it is the water sector and since metal produces water , so they areeffective here. Do not place metal windchimes in the East or Southeast of the hose as this creates loss of health and wealth. However if you have purchased wooden windchimes you can safely place them in these two sectors to activate health and wealth luck.

Health Woes

 Ever since I got married last year I have been having a lot of health problems. Most of them are related to the stomach. My birthdate is June 3, 1983. Could this problem be related to the Feng Shui of the house ? Also there is a big toilet in the southwest.

Madhu K
 Dear Madhu,

Yes Madhu, you are right, the southwest relates to the female energy of the house. Moreover, since you are a Kua No.7 this sector is also your personal health direction. So having a toilet there creates health problems for you. The problem is relating to your stomach because the earth sector relates to the stomach and when it is afflicted like in your case, it gives such problems. You should hang a bamboo windchime outside the toilet. Place a red light in the southwest of your living room and also your bedroom. You can also place some marbles, boulders in the living room.

Moolah Matters

 Hi, I have been advised by someone to place a money plant ( to enhance wealthluck) inside my toilet since it is in the southeast sector which is also the wealth area in Feng Shui. Is it true ?

Vineet Bajoria, Lake Town
 Dear Vineet,

Please don't ! It will definitely be very wrong of you to do so. What the toilet does is to drain the luck. Hence, activation inside a toilet could well result in any kind of opposite reaction than what you hope to achieve. If you want to enhance the southeast, you should put the money plant in the southeast of the living room for the correct results.

Knotty Affair

 My birthdate is 5.8 1975. I am getting married next month. Her date of birth is 6.9.1978. Arw we going to be compatible and have good relation ? Please Advise.

 Dear Navjot,

Navjot, you are a Kua No.7 person and she is Kua No. 2. This is very good since you are of metal element and she is an earth element person. This falls in the productive cycle. Apart from this since you are a rabbit year person and she is a horse year person compatibility becomes stronger. So, we see that you will be friendly and supportive of each other.

Hailing from Calcutta, Sweety Arora and Leena Taneja, students of Lillian Too and certified Feng Shui consultants are taking India by storm! In an effort to increase understanding of the ancient science in their home country, World of FengShui franchisees Leena and Sweety regularly contribute articles to the India Times, and Sweety even has her own feng shui advice column that appears weekly in the same periodical.