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A Blue Ceiling Can Spell Disaster

Behind the practice of every traditional esoteric science from Feng Shui to fortune telling or traditional esoteric science from Feng Shui to fortune telling or traditional medicinal sciences, the five elements provide symbolic pathways to success, prosperity and good fortune. They are means of tapping into the invisible veins of chi that make the universe vibrate harmoniously. We have reviewed the prominent features of fire and earth elements earlier. Today, we shall survey the intrinsic features of the water element.

Feng Shui is the study of water and wind. So, it is evident that water is one of the most important elements since it relates to the achievement of material goods in Feng Shui. It is a yin element. Like fire, water is extremely forceful and at its zenith, it can be even be more destructive than fire. In fact in the I-Ching Book of Changes it is regarded as a sign of danger. Hence water or even its symbol should be used very cautiously and thoughtfully.

Water is associated with the north. The simple implication of this is that anything which suggest water when placed in the north, activates the energy of water thereby creating harmony and auspiciousness in the north sector of your house. Apart from the north, water is also related to the east and southeast which are wood areas. So placing water which is the mother element of wood here, helps in the enhancement of the woood element. This further activates good health and wealth luck.

In the advanced study of the time dimension, where wealth and relationship starts can be tapped and activated, water plays a vital role, as the wealth stars are associated with water. They are activated with water features such as fountains, aquariums and waterfalls. But too much water should be avoided at all cost since they symbolize danger of drowning. Even while using colors, it is advised to stay within limits. Avoid painting the ceiling blue or black as it looks like water overhead.

Water features should never be placed inside bedrooms. Do not use too much of blue colored upholstery in bedrooms of married couples.

Water is as good a cure as an activator. When there are continues fights and quarrels or a series of heated arguments among family members of a home or even in the office, it is good to use the yin water cure. Place a bowl of water with some floating flowers in this area. It absorbs the tension and creates a soothing atmosphere instead.

Metal produces water and in the process gets weakened. So do not place water in the metal areas such as west and northwest. In the destructive cycle of element, earth kills water and so earth should not be placed where water needs to be activated, as this would result in soaking up the area.

Kua no.1 people are the water element people. When a water star combines with a bad mountain or earth star it leads to ailments of the stomach. The colors associated to this to this element are black and blue. Even metal colors such as white, gold and silver can be used to symbolize water.

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