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Feng Shui Hawaii

Pioneer European and 2nd American WOFS Boutiques to Open

A double signing ceremony was held in’s Menara Milenium headquarters on 5th January 2004. New franchisees Francisco Garcia Moyano and Maria Uriel Narvion of International Feng Shui Spain SL were present at the event to sign the franchise agreement with Lillian and Jennifer Too of Sdn Bhd.


Hawaii Sees The Opening Of World Of Feng Shui

The second World of Feng Shui store in the United States was officially opened on October 30th 2004. Peter Lung and family plus respected local businessman Mr. And Mrs Raymond Lam officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Feng Shui Jets to Japan & Hawaii

March 2004 was a busy month, which saw Lillian Too and some members of her WOFS team travel first to Japan to meet with Japanese partners Mr Hirazakura-san and Mr Tanaka-san, then on to Hawaii for her Feng Shui Extravaganza 2004.