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Impact of Incorrect Water Pond

Water features can bring wealth and prosperity, but when mislocated, misplaced or misdesigned, they can do quite a lot of harm. Dolly Sidhu of WOFS Canada case studies just such a water feature in a paradise island getaway in Cayo Coco, Cuba.

Cayo Coco is an island of Cuba solely designated to tourism with no private residences. The island has 7 resorts and is built on reclaimed swamp land and a lagoon. It is connected to the mainland by a 27 km stone causeway. Cayo Coco has beautiful beaches with white sand and is a favourite holiday spot for many Canadians as it is only 3 hours away via airplane. It is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

TCC (actual name withheld due to privacy) is the resort where my family and I spent a week in July. At one time, this resort used to be a five-star resort. However, over time it has downgraded and now looks neglected and nowhere near the five star calibre it once was. Interestingly, it is quite a beautiful resort; close enough to mesmerizing beaches and the ocean such that a cool breeze often sweeps by you as the hot Caribbean sun beats down on you.

The potential to draw more tourists and make profits is undoubtedly there, but what is seen by the eye on the surface masks the struggles the resort faces underneath in its amenities, staffing and comfort – all problems stemming from the fact that the resort has seen a downward decline in overall success.

TCC was built in 1996/97 and faces SW2 (Period 7). It has 13 villas with a total of 506 rooms. It has 2 pools, one in the shape of a Dragon/Snake and the other a figure 8. There are water features around the resort which are not properly positioned, as well as rock gardens and tropical flower gardens with nicely trimmed and shaped trees. The resort is surrounded by nature.

The reception area is an open-concept lobby with a pleasant tropical ambiance. As you walk in, the lobby splits to a lower level that leads to the villas and a main floor that leads to different restaurants and guest services. The main bar, disco, performance stage and pool are at the lower level and found in between the resort’s main building and villas.

Among all of this however, it had a conspicuous element that caught my eye. A huge pond built below the lower level of the building, and extending under the main area of the building. It is located in the Northwest sector of the building and as known, having a big water feature in the Northwest hurts the hotel corporation.

To make matters worse, the pond is not maintained and has stagnant dirty guck water. The pond features a built-in waterfall and the flow of water is directed away from the resort. Further, the waterfall is dried up and not functioning. A non-functioning water feature is dangerous as it signifies loss, emptiness and withering wealth. During my interview with the director of the resort, I found out that the water feature has been a nightmare for the management team since the beginning. It has never worked properly!

The entire water feature with the pond needs to be repositioned to a location where it offers a lot of benefit and supports the growth of the resort. It should be removed from the Northwest sector and placed in the North, Northeast, East or Southeast sectors. In addition to the waterfall’s location, the flow of the water should also be altered in such a way that it is directed towards the resort. Water should be flowing inwards towards the resort to attract wealth and an influx of positive energy.

There are also dead trees planted as decorations. These dead trees should be replaced with living, green, lush plants that will promote positive yang chi and change the stagnant yin look.

Once the hotel’s management implements these changes, the resort will see its rise again. The placement of water features is very important for ones’ growth and success. Water features have to be positioned correctly with their flow of water directed properly.  As we all know, water attracts wealth and success. But incorrect use of water can bring the opposite.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( November/December 2011 )". To subscribe, please click here.