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Appreciative Autumn - The Seasons of Feng Shui

Dolly Sidhu, fast-rising feng shui consultant based in Toronto, Canada highlights important considerations for creating good feng shui in temperate countries where the changing seasons can present challenges. In this issue, Dolly highlights the harvesting months of Autumn.

In Canada we experience the full cycle of the four seasons with each bringing its own unique brand of chi energy. Each time the season changes, there is a significant shift in energy; sometimes the changes are subtle and sometimes they are quite dramatic.

Spring is a time of growth, where the planting of seeds, ideas and efforts yield new beginnings and opportunities. Next comes Summer, a season where everyone and everything is on the go. Businesses are expanding, the environment is flourishing and we see the energy around us moving swiftly. Things take a turn once autumn arrives. The environment slows down and with it, our lifestyles. Trees shed leaves and annual blooming periods come to an end. Autumn stands as a time to recap and learn from our past. The slowing energy aids us in this process. Autumn is also the season that marks the beginning of the year’s yin time not unlike the times of the waning moon.

The waning energy change continues into winter when chi turns peaceful, calm, slow. Winter with its frigid temperatures and barren landscapes is a period to hibernate. As important as it is to initiate new beginnings in the Spring and Summer months, it is equally important to recover and grow in spirit during the autumn and winter months. The end of Summer is officially celebrated with the Labour Day long weekend (the first weekend in September). No more white shoes or handbags after this weekend! When the weather gets nippy, the leaves change colour. Autumn leaves are beautiful and our green landscapes turn into mesmerizing blends of colour.

As it gets colder, leaves begin to fall and trees become barren.  Fallen leaves accumulate on the ground and these dead leaves bring stagnant energy that surround our homes. To combat this, leaves must be raked, bagged and collected, gardens must be cleared and the hardy evergreen perennials trimmed. Pansies and colourful mums can be planted at front entrances to attract positive growth energy. The front entrance, known as the mouth of the mankind chi needs to be cleared so stagnant chi from fallen leaves has no chance to settle or accumulate.

Autumn is a Time to Let Go of the Past
In the Fall, nature gets ready to shed leaves and let go of the past. As such, it is a wonderful time to declutter the home as the shifting energy facilitates a similar sort of reorganization in our lives. It can be as simple as having patio furniture packed away, cobwebs cleared, or ponds and outdoor water features cleaned and winterized.

As the weather gets colder, our doors and windows have restricted exposure to the outside chi. This makes it difficult to grasp the water chi from outdoor ponds and water features. Water also freezes in the winter. Usually the solution is simply to bring in the water by activating more than one water feature inside the home, especially in the living, dining and family rooms. With the new energy of Autumn, it is important to clear out the fiery summer energy to blend with the calming ambiance of the new atmosphere. Rearranging furniture and changing linens and drapes to the glorious fall colours helps you stay in harmony with the changing season.

Autumn is Also Harvest Time
Mother Nature pushes us to gather crops from spring and summer planting and to take stock of what we have attained through the year. Efforts and visions employed and executed either come to fruition or offer us the opportunity to look back and learn from our experiences. It is the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and all that life has provided. It is also a joyous time of the year hence important for families to get together for a Thanksgiving weekend and give thanks not only for everything offered to them but also for the wonderful people with which life is being lived. This creates joyful energy in the home.

Always Combat Too Much Yin with Yang
But fall is also a time with shorter periods of daylight when Yin energy is more prominent than Yang energy. It is necessary to brighten up by turning on the lights earlier and for longer periods of time. Invest in a timer to help you. The reorganization of chi in autumn is imperative to maintain the healthy, positive energy of homes and to combat excessive build-up of Yin energy. This can cause mental attitudes to turn dull and depressive. It is time then to bring on the lights!

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( September/October 2010 )". To subscribe, please click here.