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Feng Shui Canada

Feng Shui, Indian Style !

How did two Malaysian-born Indians end up practicing the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui in Canada? That's one of many things that make Dee Johl and Dolly Sidhu unique. But it's not all that surprising, given that India, urban Malaysia and the Toronto area are very multicultural with creative mixes of many languages, cultures and traditions. 

The two friends have turned their shared passion for Feng Shui into a business partnership that allows them to live their dream and help people bring balance and harmony to their lives.  Feng Shui is the science of arranging a home or workplace to create a harmonious balance of elements and energies to bring good fortune to those who live or work there.

Dolly and Dee offer Feng Shui consulting services and unique merchandise for homes and offices through Canada’s only World of Feng Shui boutique, located at Vaughan, Ontario.  They offer tailored customer service, advice and complete home and office Feng Shui analysia.


“If a customer walked in and said, I’m going through a financial situation and would like to know what to do, we would advise them according to Feng Shui applications.  We also provide personalized service and advice that is not available in any other store, “said Dee.  This also includes personal readings on Chinese astrology or Paht Chee, based on the Four Pillars of Year, Month, Day and Time of Birth.

Their business serves people of many ethnocultural backgrounds from across the country, with an appealing website ( allowing customers to order products and seek advice.

They credit their heritage as having influenced their chosen field.  “I was interested in interior decorating and was inspired to take Feng Shui courses after being exposed to it while living in Singapore,” said Dee.

Both women were busy professionals, Dolly a successful real estate agent and active community volunteer with a whirlwind life full of meetings, client tours and events.  Dee worked in human resources and juggled that demands of a career with social and family obligations.  But when the two discovered they had both visitd their native Malaysia in 2004 and shared a love of Feng Shui, something clicked and the idea of opening a business together was born.

Personal experience fuels their mission to help people with Feng Shui.  “Feng Shui has become part of my life and changed it completely,” said Dolly.  “It is not just about your home but your inner self as well.  You learn to declutter your self, and you experience change and positive growth.  It’s a way of living, how you look at things.”

For people interested in Feng Shui, interior decorating and how to lead a more balanced life, World of Feng Shui is presenting a day-long Extravaganza on February 25,  Internatiional expert Lillian Too will lead the event, called Discover Basic Feng Shui and How to get Rich and Stay Safe in 2007, in her only Canadian appearance on a world tour.  Lillian is also and author of over 80 books and is a successful businesswomen with legions of fans around the world.

For info email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dee Johl and Dolly Sidhu; World of Feng Shui; Tuscay Place at Vaughan Mills, Vauhan; 9056608899