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Feng Shui Brunei

Two Enterprising Retailers Bring Feng Shui To Brunei

Julian’s interest in feng shui started several years ago, when she picked up Essential Feng Shui, one of Lillian Too’s earlier books published by Random House. Julian found herself drawn to the subject, after finding that it really brought results for her own business, her Paloma group of retail stores. She then enrolled for the Master Practitioner’s Course, where she went deeper into the study of feng shui. Hooked, she encouraged her old time friend and now business partner Thompson to attend as well. 

Armed with a very thorough knowledge of feng shui, Julian and Thompson are now poised to open the first of three stores in Brunei. They have already opened a World of Feng Shui satellite store at the Brunei airport, but their exciting full sized boutique will open its doors for business in early November next month in Kg Mata Mata.

Both Julian and Thompson are seasoned business professionals with impressive experience in retailing and trading operations. As well as the Paloma group of stores, Julian is also behind a chain of duty free shops in the Sultanate.

Says Julian, “We are very excited at the prospect of bringing World of Feng Shui to Brunei and making feng shui symbols of good fortune more accessible. We find feng shui has been very effective in boosting our own businesses, so opening a shop specializing in feng shui was like a natural step on for us, so the people in Brunei don’t have to travel or order online when they look for their cures, enhancers and lucky symbols.”

Which doesn’t mean she is giving up on her other stores. “My fashion and duty free shops will still very much be in operation. In fact, we hope to open another branch of Paloma soon. But with feng shui, you don’t have to do just one thing, you can do many things!” laughs Julian.

Finance and Operations training time.

WOFS Brunei is scheduled to open 13th November 2003 at 8:30AM.

Julian also offers feng shui readings, advice and consultations.For enquiries, please contact Julian at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit WOFS Brunei at:

Unit B7, Ground Floor, Warisan Mata-Mata,
Kg Mata-Mata, Gadong Bandar Seri Begawan,
BE1718 Brunei Darussalam.