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Feng Shui Brunei

DIY Feng Shui Course by Julian Wee

A course entitled "Do It Yourself Feng Shui" was conducted in the lecture room above WOFS Brunei boutique at 1st F, No. 7, Block B, Warisan Mata-Mata, Spg 322, Gadong, on Sat 12 Nov and Sun 13 Nov 2005.

During this 2-day course, lecturer Julian Wee explained the origins and theories of feng shui, such as the 5 elements, 8 trigrams in the Early and Later Heaven arrangements, 24 mountains, 8 Mansions and Form School feng shui.

The participants were very excited when they learnt the technique of flying the numbers in the Flying Star feng shui system and how to draw up natal charts for their own houses without referring to text books, as well as how to interpret the numbers and analyze the different types of luck their house charts' produced.

They particularly enjoyed the practical part of the course and were amazed at the accuracy of what their charts indicated. Their life stories in terms of wealth, health, relationship and academic luck were spot on when they could apply Flying Star on their houses. They went home anxious to put in place the necessary enhancers and cures to improve their luck.

Julian Wee will conduct a similar "Do It Yourself Feng Shui" course in Brunei on Sat 14 & Sun 15 Jan 2006 and on Sat 21 & Sun 22 Jan 2006 in Kuching.

Interested participants can contact 673-2421877 (Brunei) and 6082-425698 (Kuching) for more details and registration.