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Explore the Elements, Create a Pa Kua - Part IV

by Faith Ellis

Hello Again

Well what a lot has happened since my last article. My 50th birthday was on the 11th September and is certainly one I will never forget. Let us all pray for peace and sanity during these trying times and hold open our hearts to all humans who were affected by the events of that day, regardless of creed, colour or race.

Now how are you all going with your Pa Kua? By now you should have a circle, divided into 8 equal sections. Each section should contain relative information about compass directions, colour, element and other symbolisms.

Hopefully you are gleaning some knowledge about the three elemental cycles, what might cause the elements to become imbalanced and how to create elemental balance and harmony. You will also understand that we are using the modern Later Heaven Sequence arrangement of the Pa Kua. Read Lillian Too's book "Applied Pa-Kua and Lo Shu Feng Shui" for further clarification.

In this article we will explore Kua numbers. Each section and therefore element has its corresponding Kua number. S=9 SW=2 W=7 NW=6 N=1 NE=8 E=3 and SE=4. Based on your date of birth, each individual can work out his or her own Kua number and here is how: - Females: Take the last 2 digits of the year of your birth and add them together. Example:- a female born in 1967

1. Take 67 and add these digits together 6+7=13.
2. You need to create a single digit answer so next take 13 and add together thus 1+3=4.
3. The final step is (for females only) to take this single digit and add to 5 thus 4+5=9.

This female's Kua number is 9!

Lets do another one, say a female born in 1951.
1. 5+1=6
2. (as we have a single digit, there is no deed for step 2)
3. 6+5=11 (reduce this down to a single digit) 4. 1+1=2

This female's Kua number is 2.

Males: Do exactly the same as females to step 3, that is take the final 2 digits of your year of birth and add them together, then reduce down to a single digit. Then take this digit and minus it from 10.

Example:- A male born in 1967.
1. 6+7 = 13
2. 1+3 = 4
3. 10-4 = 6 (note take 4 away from 10 for males)
4. No need for step 4 in this instance as the digit is already a single one.

This male's Kua number is 6

Lets do another one for the men. Year of birth is 1951.
1. 5+1=6
2. No step 2
3. 10-6 = 4

This male's Kua number is 4.

BUT - how about this one: Female born in 1963.
1. 6+3=9
2. No step 2
3. 9+5 =14
4. 1+4 = 5

This female's Kua number is 5, but there is no section allocated the number 5 - what to do????? Easy - for females you take the Kua number 8, which is the NE sector, small earth etc. Males take the Kua number 2, NW, big earth etc. Why? For those of you familiar with the Lo Shu grid or magic square will realise that 5 represents the centre square and the centre represents Earth. Therefore it makes sense that anyone with a Kua number 5 would take up one of the two earth element numbers of the Pa Kua. Males traditionally are seen to be the major income earners, therefore would be allocated the 'big element' or big earth and the females small earth - hence the females become small earth with the Kua number 8 and the males big earth with the Kua number 2. I am certain that from an I Ching perspective there is also some wisdom about yin/yang movement associated with all this, but I have yet to unravel that mystery. I am more than willing to receive feedback if anyone out there can enlighten us all further on the yin/yang implications of this nuance. J Note: For Males and Females - you always need to reduce down to a single digit before step 3. Then you need to reduce the final number down to a single digit to get your Kua number.

Now that we have mastered how to work out Kua numbers, what can we do with this vital piece of knowledge? Bearing in mind that each number is also associated with an element, a compass direction, a colour, symbology such as fame, career etc., and keeping in mind the 3 elemental cycles, we can now start to piece the jigsaw together and see what our Kua numbers can reveal. Working our way clockwise around the Pa Kua and starting at South, let the journey begin:-

S Kua #9 Fire. Red. Fame. Summer.
Middle Daughter
SW Kua #2 Big Earth. Matriarch. Earth Colours/Beige. Mountain. Family/Marital Luck
W Kua #7 Small Metal. Metal Colours, bronze, silver, gold. Children luck. Autumn.
Youngest Daughter
NW Kua #6 Big Metal. Patriach. Metal colours (as above). Mentors & Helpful People. Heaven.
N Kua #1 Water. Blue/Black. Career. Winter.
Middle Son
NE Kua #8 Small Earth. Earth colours/Beige. Education/Study.
Youngest Son
E Kua #3 Big Wood. New Growth. Light Green. Trees. Relationship + Health. Spring.
Eldest Son
SE Kua #4 Small Wood. Dark Green. Shrubs/plants. Wealth/Abundance.
Eldest Daughter

NOTE: I have added the corresponding family member to each sector for your information.

Let us take my darling and I as an example. Eric was born in 1946 (4+6=10=1 take away from 10=9). His Kua # is 9 which represents S; fame; fire; red etc. I was born in 1951 (5+1=6 +5=11=2) therefore my Kua # is 2 which represents the SW; big earth; matriarch etc. Look at the element cycles and see if we are compatible. Yes, fire into earth is very compatible and earth into fire can control the fire if it gets too strong. So Eric will never over power me (good thing too J) and as my Kua # is representative of family and marital harmony it is unlikely that I will snuff his fire out, though I have to be aware of this factor and not over whelm him with my strong Earth energy (remember I am BIG earth). Earth is also what grows things, so I can support Eric in growing his fame or tap into him to help grow my own. As fire can be totally eliminated, Eric needs wood to keep feeding his fire BUT wood can deplete earth. Ah yes, but I am big earth and as fire doesn't need to be raging to be productive, I am strong enough to carry enough small wood to feed Eric's fire. Fire melts down metal, which could be seen as money, but Earth is productive to metal, so if I manage the finances, we theoretically could be better off. Fire and water produce steam, which is a good energy source, so Eric can earn the money (don't forget that water represents money in Feng Shui) and I can manage it. Do you begin to see how it all fits in?

Homework - work out your own and then family or close friend's Kua numbers and see if you can work out how to utilise your Pa Kua to create a fuller picture, similar to the one about Eric and I. Recommended reading is once again - Lillian Too's book, "Applied Pa-Kua and Lo Shu Feng Shui".

I will leave you to ponder and digest all this new information. In the final instalment we will look at the best/worst directions and how to fit this into the equations. Happy Feng Shui and keep the emails coming as I love to hear from you all.


Faith Ellis is a holistic health practitioner as well as a Feng Shui practitioner who is privileged to have trained under and have as her mentor, the incredible Lillian Too. Faith's mission is to help create a world full of love, honour and respect. She offers consultations to the general public and small business operators, based on these three principals, working in partnership to develop productive, empowering, abundant businesses and lives, in an easy, fun manner. She is currently walking her talk by creating her own business, Holistic Feng Shui.Com in Sydney, Australia and working with various clients. You can contact Faith on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.