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Explore the Elements, Create a Pa Kua - Part III

by Faith Ellis

Hi again.

Thank you to all those wonderful folks out there in Feng Shui world who send me encouraging words and requests for more. Please know that what I present here is a result of excellent tuition from Lillian Too and that in comparison to this magnificent, wise being I am but a rank beginner. I would strongly encourage everyone to listen to his or her own inner wisdom, if I say or suggest something that doesn't feel right, listen to your heart and have the belief in yourself that you know better than anyone what is best for yourselves.

How did you all go after our last session - starting to get the hang of things? What about the fun quiz, any thoughts? OK, my darling Eric and I had an interesting debate and we came up with a theory - and it is just a theory folks - that just as you read the trigrams from bottom to top, maybe the Chinese created the compass Pa Kua in the same manner and it is actually meant to be read from top to bottom???!!!!! There again, maybe not - who knows? If anyone out there can shed better light on the matter Eric and I would love to hear from you.

OK, so to continue. In our last session we created a Pa Kua or circle divided into 8 equal sections. We then worked out the compass directions and their corresponding elements, learnt the 3 cycles of the elements and therefore how the elements interact with each other. We also looked at how balance and harmony could be affected if one element became too strong or weak.

Now we are going to fill in another layer of our Pa Kua and explore how that interacts with everything else. Again we start with S at the top. S is also symbolic of Fame and its colour is red and its season is high summer. SW is symbolic of the Matriarch, family and marital harmony, mountains and its colour is beige, brown-based colours and earth colours. W represents children and the metallic colours gold, silver and bronze and the season of autumn. NW is symbolic of the Patriarch, Heaven, mentors/helpful people and the colour here is again the metallic colours of gold, silver and bronze. N is symbolic of career/employment, the colour is black and blue and the season is winter. NE corresponds with education/study and the colour is the same as SW, beige, brown based and earth colours. E is symbolic of health and relationship, new growths of spring therefore the green colours of new growth and of course the season is spring. Last but not least comes SE representing wealth/abundance and established growth, therefore darker green colours. Now you can see how each section and its associated meanings flow into each other - spring into summer into autumn into winter and then back to spring again. Wow yet another cycle to ponder and explore, the layers just keep coming don't they?

What can you do with all this new knowledge? Go around your home environment - what colours are the walls/paintwork, the soft furnishing, picture frames etc? What elements do they then represent and do they clash, overwhelm or complement the element of that sector? Is there one element that feature strongly in your home causing possible imbalance? What could you do to bring the elements into harmony and balance? What does that sector of your home represent - health, abundance, family harmony? Can you think of appropriate ways of increasing your abundance for instance? Which sector represents abundance? That's right the SE, well done. OK, so what element and colour is symbolic of the SE? Right again - small wood and darker greens. Remembering the 3 element cycles, which element is productive, which controls and which is non-productive to wood? Gee you are getting good - that's right… water=productive, fire=control and metal=destructive. We also discussed wood as being unproductive to earth, but do you think that small wood could deplete big earth? Balance don't forget, the big and small are important parts of the equation. Would you paint a kitchen located in your S sector red or burn candles here? Would that balance the fire element of this sector or create imbalance …we don't want to burn our food or houses now do we? Of course we wouldn't that would obviously create way too much fire wouldn't it?J What would be a good sector to locate a kitchen, a bathroom and what would be nice colour schemes? Don't go making huge structural changes or refurnishing and repainting your homes just yet, there is still more to learn. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey as the saying goes, for now just absorb, observe think, make small changes and then start again - absorb, observe, think etc.

I will leave you to your homework, which is to go around your home and think of ways you might tap all the positive chi energy represented by the knowledge you are now gaining.

Next time we will look at personal numbers and what mystery they can help us unravel. Till next time have fun and happy feng shui.

Faith Ellis is a holistic health practitioner as well as a Feng Shui practitioner who is privileged to have trained under and have as her mentor, the incredible Lillian Too. Faith's mission is to help create a world full of love, honour and respect. She offers consultations to the general public and small business operators, based on these three principals, working in partnership to develop productive, empowering, abundant businesses and lives, in an easy, fun manner. She is currently walking her talk by creating her own business, Holistic Feng Shui.Com in Sydney, Australia and working with various clients. You can contact Faith on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.