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Feng Shui Aruba

Xiomara "Milly" Paskel - De Cuba Opens the Door to the World Of Feng Shui

How did your interest in Feng Shui start?
I strongly believe that people should never stop dreaming, because dreams do come true. In my eagerness to work on my personal development, I attended different classes and workshop by Mrs. Marlin Marval at M&M New Age Teaching and Healing Center more than 15 years ago. Her humility and guidance played a super significant role in my personal, professional and, more importantly, spiritual progress. It took me a long time, but today I know that I am super on the right path and still have much to learn, but I like that. After my basic Feng Shui class I started reading books by Mrs. Lillian Too, who fascinated me so much that I started following her career and that is now for more than 10 years already.

What effect has the practice of Feng Shui had and still has on your own life?
Feng Shui has a very positive effect in my life and certainly on our business. This has been my day by day experience for 10 years already. It is so active that as soon as I feel blockages, I have to stand still and look around me, if I have something displaced, look at the situation, everything happens for a reason, make adjustments, pray with faith and continue forward. Feng Shui is not a religion, the philosophy is so simple, it is the art of making adjustment in your life and work space immediately to continue strengthening this vital balance  and bring harmony into our lives. The promise of Feng Shui is abundance, prosperity and happiness, its practice in a modern concept requires the understanding of its foundation, access to various of its formulas and sufficient experience which allow good understanding and interpretation of its guidance and practices.

You decided to involve yourself deeper in this practice, how was this experience and what is the most important thing you have taken from this?
Since experiencing each time the positive results from my practices, I continued and continued deepening my knowledge more and more. The results were so incredible that when I shared them with my husband, he did not believe me and his friends would tease him, I continued doing this quietly, sometimes very obvious, but at a certain moment he himself noticed that I would not stop and I would explain him little by little, he told his friends "Leave Milly at peace with her things" (LOL). That day it was like I got the "green light" to go "all out". I remember when we bought our house and I had to decorate it, I bought red blinds for my living room. At our housewarming my husband was told, "Jesus, Milly could not put more red? It looks like a red light district." If I look back and analyze, it helps me a lot in most areas of my life, love, health, prosperity, creativity, success in my career, signing important clients and what I like most...the traveling is super, I traveled to Malaysia, which I myself could not believe (LOL).

Many people consider Feng Shui a trend, what is your opinion about this statement?
If one wants to call it a trend, then it must be a very old trend, since the legend of the Chinese emperors. That it is little by little becoming known in the countries of this hemisphere is because it is a Chinese legend that is better known and integrated in Asian countries. When I did my Master Practitioner Course there were participants from 19 countries from around the world, such as Iraq, Iran, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, India, Tahiti, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Canada, Aruba, and more, thus it is obvious that this does not concern a religion.

How are success, abundance and prosperity defined by this practice?
Success, abundance and prosperity; It can be success in your career, let me give you a few personal examples; such as success alongside my husband at the helm of our company. Abundance, you have abundance with food on your table, you are never left without, it could be an abundance of good friends, it can be abundance in the love of your child, abundance in a good job and prosperity; is not to be interpreted as abundance and prosperity is reflected only in money.

How can a person who has never heard of Feng Shui interpret this practice?
A person who has never heard of Feng Shui can interpret this practice as the art and science of adjusting your life and working space in an immediate manner to continue strengthening this vital balance and bring more harmony in our lives. And this can be in all areas of your life, love, health, family, your children, career, your reputation and success; your relationship, knowledge in education and not to forget your prosperity and abundance.

What is the goal of Feng Shui?
The goal of Feng Shui is for every human being to have a harmonious and balanced life and this is also my main goal with my Boutique and the classes I will be teaching, for everybody to have the same opportunities that have reached me.

What is a basic thing that people on Aruba and also around the world are doing incorrectly and what can they do to fix the balance in their life?
Living without goals, thinking that everything is a coincidence. Stand still one moment and look at the situation you are in, look for the cause of the situation and seek the solution to reach a positive result and balance.

Is Feng Shui a practice for all ages?
Feng Shui is for all ages, naturally children are helped by their parents and they will put the intention for their children, like their education, their development, their health, etc...etc...I have started with Milly Ann already, I don't want my child to miss out on these opportunities.

What do we have to envision a Feng Shui store to be like? What types of products/services will you offer?
We are talking about World of Feng Shui Boutique Aruba, it is a franchise of World of Feng Shui, originally of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Our Boutique is filled with articles that are exclusively made  for the Boutiques worldwide that have the intention and the mantras (intention and prayer) already included, I am not a competitor of my Chinese friends who also have many Feng Shui articles, we complement the teachings, making it a little easier, with our articles with the intentions and prayers that the Dalai Lamas of Tibet taught Mrs. Lillian Too. We have more than 2000 products in the store, too many to mention, but in general all articles that will function as a protection and bring the positive energy in every area of our lives. I invite you to drop in and observe for yourself, our products have all explanations in front of each one and we will be there for consultations too. Other services that we will give are basic through advanced Feng Shui classes and I will also work as a consultant by appointment for individuals and companies, even for architects that are preparing to work on maps for homes and buildings.

What is your goal with this store?
My goal primarily is to share my knowledge and offer other people the same opportunities that I received to balance our lives and live harmoniously. Imagine more and more harmony on our island, how prosperous our island could become.

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