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Feng Shui Aruba

OPENING OF THE FIRST "WORLD OF FENG SHUI" ON ARUBA It is the first in the Caribbean!

Tuesday afternoon the first boutique of the prestigious franchise "World of Feng Shui" opened on L.G. Smith Boulevard between the former Garage Cordia location and CMB Boulevard. This is the first and only boutique of the World of Feng Shui line for the Caribbean and South America. Minister Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar carried out the official opening. With the opening a dream came true for the proprietor Milly Paskel.

More or less 12 years ago, the proprietor became interested in the science and art of Feng Shui, and it was one year ago when she decided the time was right to attend a certification program taught by Lilian Too. During this seminar she acquired the title of Master Practitioner, which led to her decision to approach World of Feng Shui and share what Feng Shui has added to her life with all those interested.

Feng Shui brings the necessary balance in your life. With the acquired knowledge during so many years, which also led to the proprietor's certification, she offers not only articles related to Feng Shui, but also gives lectures on this art and science and even will conduct consultations at home and in the workplace for all who wish to learn more and apply Feng Shui in their living areas and businesses.

By sharing her knowledge on Feng Shui, Milly Paskel wishes to raise awareness and help other people develop their potential using their talents and this science to create their own balance. Positive by nature, she believes in sharing what she knows and raise awareness, to help other people create and attract their own prosperity and progress.

"Balance, abundance and prosperity do not begin and end with financial prosperity. They are elements of our daily lives, including family, emotions, internal peace and much more. I wish to help other people achieve these through the science of Feng Shui, helping them develop and prosper. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the experience of balance, prosperity, abundance, good health and love," she explained.

"Feng Shui is not a religion, but a science that the Chinese emperors applied and experienced and it works for millions of people, thus why not make this work in my small community as well?" Milly concluded.

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