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Feng Shui Aruba

Milly Paskel Brings Feng Shui to the Idyllic Island of Aruba

Grand Opening of World Of Feng Shui in Aruba

This summer, World of Feng Shui will open its doors to the hundred thousand inhabitants of Aruba, and also to the 1.5 million tourists who visit its shores each year. This boutique will be the first WOFS presence in the Caribbean. Xiomara "Milly" Paskel, who runs one of the biggest PR and event management companies in Aruba, is expanding into the business of feng shui, and will be bringing in all the enhancers, cures and remedies needed to align chi energies appropriately in order to maximize good fortune luck. Milly first discovered feng shui twelve years ago, which she used to help build her business and to foster a harmonious and happy family life. Today, Milly describes the opening of her World of Feng Shui boutique in Aruba as "a dream come true." Says Milly, "I want to share the knowledge of feng shui with other people because it has brought such positive developments in my own life. And I believe everyone deserves to benefit from this amazing science."

Visit WOFS Aruba at L.G.Smith Boulevard 116, Suite S-1, Oranjestad, Aruba or contact Milly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more on Feng Shui in Aruba.