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At Hyatt Health and Benefit Fair 2012 - Hyatt Regency associates were very happy with World of Feng Shui's participation

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - November 13, 2013: Hyatt employees are very interested in Feng Shui and they were very happy with the announcement that World of Feng Shui would be participating at their annual Health and Benefit Fair, Hyatt Regency Resort Human Resources Coordinator Gianny Dijkhoff-Tromp said. The annual "Healthy Day" includes an exposition where most companies are invited as per employee's requests. This year, in addition to World of Feng Shui, many other companies like Nature's Discount, Dr. Vianna, Forever Living, a bank, different insurance companies, Avon, Yves Rocher and Xavier University, which provided basic health checks, were present.

The feedback on the participation of World of Feng Shui was fabulous, Mrs. Gianny Dijkhoff-Tromp expressed. Often, because of working hours, the associates are not able to visit all the companies that they are interested in, and inviting the representatives of these companies here for an expo, offers them a perfect opportunity. Especially the booth of World of Feng Shui was very busy and many employees came with specific questions and/or seeking information with simply a general interest in the topic.

Certified Feng Shui Master Practitioner, Mrs. Milly Paskel with great pleasure answered all questions, motivating and sharing valuable Feng Shui tips with all her booth visitors on how to bring balance and attract harmony and prosperity in all areas, including their career, their work, love, home and family.

Mrs. Paskel commented that she was very happy with the invitation, but more so with the welcome and interest in World of Feng Shui that she received from Hyatt's employees. She had prepared a special folders for this expo, where she explains some of the basic elements of the practice and science of Feng Shui. In addition, she brought magazines, books and a few of the symbols to show Hyatt associates.

"Who does not desire harmony in their lives?" Mrs. Paskel asked. She explained that some times there are simple things that we are doing wrong and by making small changes in our homes and our lives, we can convert the disadvantages into advantages and positivity. God protects us in the first place and there are other elements, for example plants that also provide advantages in our daily lives, Mrs. Paskel added.

All around us there is energy and it is important to carry within us the positive energy and to reject the negative energy that can affect us, which disturbs us. Once the negative energy is removed, we can bring balance into our lives for prosperity, love, general wellbeing and positive developments in our education, Mrs. Paskel emphasized.

World of Feng Shui and Mrs. Milly Paskel offer, in addition to advice in the store, classes for groups and private sessions at World of Feng Shui, as well as private consultations at businesses and homes. Mrs. Paskel also offers advice to architects and their clients, who come in for a consultation with their home or business floor plan before construction has started.

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