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Feng Shui Art

Activating Art ( Part IV )

I love this orange wall to set off the Phoenix print. The orange and red fire energy of this picture suits this Southern wall activating the Fame sector of the Pakua. The phoenix lives in the South and adds its unrestricted vision to the restaurant’s wall. Framed with a white Matt board and white box frame ensures the image is the focus.


This is a simple setting. The 8 goldfish and 1 black print is a wonderful enhancer for the Southeast. The goldfish represent abundance and gold. Placed in the Southeast it enhances the wealth sector of the Pakua. The number 8 cannot be underestimated as it is the number for wealth and the current period number bringing wonderful good fortune. The extra black fish totals the number of fish to 9 which is an expansion number adding to the excellent feng shui of this print. The lucky bamboo plant in the foreground also activates the wood element of the Southeast.

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