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Feng Shui Art

Activating Art ( Part II )

Lucy Deslandes continues her love affair with art and feng shui, showing how good art can look while blending harmoniously with its surroundings according to the principles of feng shui.

“Orange Flowers” bring Little Explosions of Light to the South sector

This vibrant orange wall is a fabulous canvas to hang a piece of art. The dining area lies in the South; using the fire element here will activate the fame and recognition sector of the Pa Kua. I love this print’s sunny energy. I call this print Orange Flowers but it could also be interpreted as little explosions of light in an evening sunset sky. Placing this print here adds more fire energy, draws the eye and enlivens this sunny breakfast nook!

The “Dragonfly” to symbolize Freedom


I just love the simplicity of this! The dragonfly print to me symbolises … freedom! The white box frame and white mount ensures the focus is on the image. Six apples lined up represent smoothness, harmony and heaven.

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