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Feng Shui Art

Activating Art ( Part I )

Artist Lucy Deslandes, in her new column, uses some examples of her feng shui inspired pieces to demonstrate how a piece of art can change the feel and energy of the room. Working alongside principles of the Pa Kua, it can also improve the small tai chi feng shui of any space.

"EIGHT" brings Abundance

This wall was screaming for some artwork and some colour. Using the 'Eight' in this space brings abundance on all levels. I have had it framed with white mount and a white box frame to give it maximum impact on the white walls. 8 is so wonderfully auspicious. It is the number that is ruling this period and has always been the number symbolically representing abundance and money luck.

In this painting there are 100 birds flying in to offer many opportunities. Birds are great enhancers for the South as they bring fame and recognition. This print however, can be placed anywhere because of having all five elements present, giving it balance and having a positive influence on all sectors of the Pa Kua. The apples are smooth and there are 6 of them, adding to the symbology of this print. The 6 apples bring harmony from heaven. Adding the art to this wall gives the whole room a different, more energised and exciting feel.

"BAMBOO" signifies Longevity, Growth & Wood Energy

This Southeast wall needed some strong wood energy. This bamboo print represents abundance, prosperity and longevity. It evokes the strength of the wood element for this sector. This wall was blank and desperately needed some colour. As the Southeast would not enjoy the fire energy of the fireplace, it was very important to introduce the green. The living potted plant adds more of the required wood element for this space. The black furniture is wonderful as it has the water element, so it produces the wood. This print has given the room a feeling of life and growth!

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