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Your Child's Success Potential

When we know the personality traits and tendencies of our children, we are in a better position to help them succeed and hopefully help them tap their highest potential. Every child has a ruling number which reveals personality traits, potential passions and dormant skills waiting to be tapped. Check the ruling number of children under your care and find out how you as a parent or mentor figure can help bring out the best in them and help them realize their full potential.


Write down the numerical hour and date of birth and add the numbers. Keep adding until you reduce the numbers into a single digit from 1 to 9. For instance if your child was born at 2.33 pm on 23rd April 2006 the numerical date of birth will be 1433/23/4/2006  and this is reduced to a single digit by adding as follows 1+4+3+3+2+3+4+2+6 which is equal to 28. Next, add 2+8 =10 and then again 1+0= 1 so the ruling number is 1. The hour numbers are included as this enables us to go deeper into the child’s true essence. 

1. Leadership Potential
When the ruling number is 1, the child is a natural leader with a competitive personality, a can-do sort of person who possesses the ability to discern the weaknesses of others and benefit from it by showing strength. Children with this ruling number are meant to dominate and give orders. They are uncomfortable when placed in a secondary position. They often gravitate towards the top spot in any situation. Nurture number 1’s intrinsic management skills and tap into his/her creative potential. Give this child room to grow and plenty of exposure but also inculcate good values. Do not rein in his/her natural curiosity but instead encourage it and pander to it. And always give praise when he/she wins in a competitive situation. Say anything negative and this child will turn away from you.

2. Sensitive & Caring
Children with ruling number 2 are naturally sensitive and caring. Feelings are important to them and they respond to warmth and genuine sincerity. As they grows older, relationships play an increasingly big part in their lives. Such children tend to be loving and close to those who care for them and give them love. They can become big successes in any profession that taps into this innate skill they have of understanding sensitive situations. So they make great counselors and healers and psychiatrists.

The medical profession is excellent for them but they also shine in managerial situations. They lead through being able to inspire loyalty, using the soft approach. Never use harsh language with this child, as this causes them to close their minds to you.

3. Popular & Sociable
This child is a natural when it comes to socializing and making friends. They are the potential networking stars of the social and corporate scene, as a result of which they will love you greatly when you are able to create situations for them to be the center of attraction. Throw them birthday parties and bring them with you on all your social occasions. They do not like staying at home. They are happiest when they are with friends. The dormant skill within them is communication so they are sure to excel greatly if they go into the media or public relations fields. They can also find success in the performing arts as acting and performing in front of an audience comes naturally to them. With the number 3 child, all they need is an audience.

4. Practical & Organized
The number 4 child is very much a systems person. These children respond to order and organization. They tend to be mathematical, practical and scientific in their approach to everything, so the current Computer and Internet Age is particularly suitable for them. Number 4 children respond to mechanical games and engineering type challenges.

They use their hands, but they also use the left side of their brains a lot more than the right. So not for them the lighter activities such as drawing, dancing or cooking. Not for them the performing type activities either. They prefer activities that require them to work on their own using their brains to figure out solutions.

Number 4 children tend to be disdainful of frivolous activities and respond well to difficult puzzles and challenges. When confronted with force, they react by being sullen and stubborn. Throw them a challenge and they will surprise you with their brainpower and ability to organize their thoughts and transform them into practical solutions. This is their great skill and if you can harness this, you will be helping them attain great success in later life.

5. Potential Genius
The child who has number 5 as the ruling number is a potential genius. Such children are brainy, positive and very switched on early in life. Their ability to grasp difficult concepts will astonish you. Such children are naturally inquisitive and will want to know the reason for everything you tell them to do. They will keep asking why, why, why a million times to the point of exasperation but be patient and answer! They are not being difficult. They really want to know!

They have the potential to become inventors and pioneers. You can steer them into any career and they will have the brainpower to excel. In a grown-up world they would attain their highest potential in a financial career such as investment banking, insurance or anything requiring higher than average intelligence and better than average mental vigour. Number 5s usually have the ability to get into the best universities and attain the highest scores. They do not need much encouragement but do require balance in their world, otherwise work will be all they care for.

6. Charming & Creative
The child ruled by the number 6 is born with intrinsic charm and creativity. They have a natural aversion to aggressive behavior and have low tolerance for arguments and quarrelsome types. There is an aura of invincibility about them but the kind that inspires hugs and loving rather than wanting to go to war with them. So they are charming personalities able to bring out the nicer side of most people. They tend to avoid contentious people and situations and their friends will be similar to them.

You will rarely see them wanting to win in any argument with siblings or friends. Encourage their creativity, be it in fashion, home decorating or art, for here is where he/she has some terrific talents just waiting to blossom. They do best when their creativity is given free rein and their natural need to look and feel good should never be discouraged or put down. If they are girls, let them try your make up and colour their hair any colour they wish. If they are boys, give tem pens and paints and let them surprise you with their work!

7. Inventive & Active
This child with ruling number 7 can be incredibly inventive. This child’s mind is working all the time tending to be restless and always wanting to do things. It is tough for them to sit still and you will find they tend to sleep later than their siblings and get up earlier. They have active personalities that require plenty of outlets for expression, so give this to them. Get them lots of challenging toys that simulate real life adult situations, toys that bring out their intrinsic creativity.

Born intelligent they will be able to fix everything wrong in the house from a young age. They will be the one reading the maps, reviving the computer, making the TV and iPod work; to the extent you think he/she is a tech geek. But no, it is only his/her creative mind finding solutions. To ensure this child makes it to the very top, create opportunities for him/her to get plenty of meaningful exposure. Give his/her creativity and mental alertness free expression. But make sure he/she has enough sleep so as not suffer from early burn-out in later years.

8. Lucky Super Achievers
The number 8 child is a potential powerhouse. They can be described as born leaders as they have the ability to influence others and also to affect their lives. This attribute is clearly evident from a very young age as their siblings and friends will tend to look to them for leadership. Such children also have the gift of the gab – and this will eventually transform into the power of speech and great charisma.

Such children are almost certain to become very successful in life – there is wealth, glamour and power in their destiny but these things have both a positive and a negative side, so the best thing you can do for them as a mentor or parent figure is to inculcate good values into their psyche, teach them patience to contain their potentially explosive temper and expose them to compassion in case they become so driven and ambitious in their careers later on that they turn ruthless. The number 8 child will find success in politics or business. They will attain very high positions which make them powerful and far reaching in their influence, so it is important for them to have balance in their lives.

9. Dreamers & Visionaries
Children with the ruling number 9 are dreamers whose imaginations are vivid and escapist. They tend to seek out books that open new worlds for them. They are adventurous and brave, and from an early age tend to be independent and even rebellious. They have the potential to excel in sport or any hobby they develop a passion for. These are potential stars in both the performing and competitive fields – the only criterion for success in their scheme of things is their own love for the activity. Then being dreamers, they weave powerful mental magic around their pursuits.

As the parent, you must recognize this essential trait in them and you must let them be whatever they want to be. They define their own success parameters and you must respect their independence. Try reining them in too strongly and they will either turn away from you or disappoint you. No parent can live vicariously through a number 9 child.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2007)". To subscribe, please click here.