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8 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Fertility or Descendants Luck

 Place a pair of elephants with trunks down in the West sector and stroke the trunks 3 times each night.
 Place a pomegranate in the West of your bedroom to boost fertility luck.

  Display a Laughing Buddha with kids in the West of your house. This will plump up your descendants luck.

 Find a nice crystal lotus and place in the West of your living room. Turn on the lights in the West sector of your house for at least 3 hours daily.

 Hang a painting of 100 children or a happy baby photo in your bedroom in the West to help enhance children luck and yang energy.

 Change your sleeping direction so your head points to your husband’s Nien Yen direction.

 Check the surroundings of your bedroom. Make sure there are no poison arrows directed at the bed.

 Place a kid with carps in the West of your living room to strengthen fertility luck.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2007)". To subscribe, please click here.