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The Do’s & Taboos of Bedrooms

Earth Tones Ideal for SW & NE Bedrooms

The interior of the sketch above is dominated by Earth tones, with colours sticking to the brown and beige categories, suggestive of earth energy. This colour scheme is suitable for bedrooms located in the Southwest and Northeast, as well as the West and Northwest sectors of the home.

The main thing wrong with this bedroom is the large floor to ceiling mirror that reflects the entire bed. Mirrors inside bedrooms can cause havoc with your feng shui, and by extension with your life, so it is a definite taboo inside bedrooms and are especially bad for master bedrooms. Any mirror reflecting the bed indicates a crowded marriage, bringing in a third party causing infidelity to creep into even the most solid of relationships.    

Even for bachelor bedrooms, mirrors reflecting the bed are not recommended because some believe this invites ghosts and spirits while you sleep. Remember that when you sleep is when you are most vulnerable, so you do not want unwanted “energies” inside the bedroom.

Window by the Side of the Bed Brings In Good Energy

The window by the side of the bed here brings in the cosmic chi and is an excellent feature of this small bedroom. A view of trees is also auspicious, suggesting growth energy. It is lucky to wake up each morning to the chirping of birds, so a window to a garden like this is excellent, bringing charm and good chi.

This bedroom is dominated by blue hues, suggestive of Water energy. This colour scheme would be suitable for bedrooms occupying the North, Southeast and East sectors of the home. The sky coloured walls allow the blue theme to be carried through without posing the unnecessary danger of “Water Above”.

Remember; never paint the walls and ceiling of a bedroom a dark blue or black, as water surrounding this way usually spells “danger”, especially if the ceiling is also blue. Light shades of blue as shown here are more akin to sky than to water, and blends harmoniously with the rest of the décor.

Sloping Ceilings Require Careful Treatments

The sloping ceiling in this bedroom suggests it is located on the top floor of the house. While sloping ceilings are not encouraged, if you cannot help it and your bedroom is dominated by a slanted ceiling, make an effort to arrange your bed carefully. To start with, make sure the bed is not placed directly under the slope as this instantly creates imbalance as you sleep.

A sloped ceiling also creates a “cramped” feeling. It is important to keep the room well lit. Brightening the room is one of the best ways of “lifting” the energy of the room, and this is an excellent way to counter any negative effects from the slanted ceiling. The Fire tones of this room are suitable for a room of this kind as fire energy rises. Such a colour scheme is also suitable for bedrooms located in the South, Southwest and Northeast.

Do note however that while red toned bedrooms are excellent for young couples who benefit from yang energy, they are not so great for couples in the twilight of their years. Red makes the blood flow a little faster, so they jazz up your love life – suitable for those looking for passion and action. But if what you want and need is a restful night’s sleep, avoid too much red.

Two Single Beds Pretending to be A Double Bed

What is glaringly obvious here are the two separate beds that share one headboard. If this bedding arrangement is for a married couple, it bodes ill for the union, as two separate mattresses pretending to be one double bed represents a fundamental split in the relationship.

Never have a bed arrangement like this if you are a newly married couple. If you want two separate beds (due to personal sleeping habits or some other reason) then have the beds appear separate. When they are pretending to be one bed, it symbolizes everything appearing rosy on the surface, but with a much darker reality.

The bright red of the bedspread dominates the bedroom, so here we see white walls with red tones that are carried throughout the décor, from the headboard to the cushions and curtains. The soft furnishings of this room make it suitable for a bedroom placed in the South corner of the house and if this is the case, then a beige or pale yellow for the wall is better than white.

Wood Dominates This Room

The Wood themed room on the right looks like one that is carried on from the rest of the house. Wood chi is always in harmony with the energy of bedrooms located in the wood sectors Southeast and East. They also enhance South located bedrooms. But there is such a thing as going over the top. Too much wood can cause insomnia.

Here, note that the walls and doors are also made of the same wood finish. It is good to see that the floor is carpet and not wood, as this softens the danger of having too much wood, creating balance within the room. The light coloured bedspread further balances the energy of the walls. A touch of red and earth tones by way of decorative features or a painting would bring additional benefits to this bedroom. 

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2007)". To subscribe, please click here.