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12 Ways To Clear Negative Chi That Affects Relationships

Everyone can develop greater sensitivity to energy, the divinely charged spirit that gives life to us and to our homes. When a home’s life force is dominated by vibrant yang energy, the mood of its inhabitants tends to be positive and happy. Over time, the energy of any home grows stale and tired. So we need to revitalize and remove chi that becomes stale. Here are some good ways to clear negative chi that can adversely affect your relationships.

1. Watch out for the Quarrelsome Flying Star

Check the monthly flying stars on a regular basis. When the quarrelsome #3 star flies into your bedroom, it is bound to affect your relationship with other family members. This is particularly severe when it flies into a marital bedroom; this is when spouses really get at each other’s throats. When the #3 star pays a visit, place a red triangle crystal as a cure to suppress its negative effects.

2. Clear Negative Energy from your Sleeping Space

Expose your mattress and pillow to bright sunshine. At least once a month, light fragrant incense and walk around your bed clockwise to remove any lingering negativity around your sleeping space.

3. Clear Clutter from Around Your Bed

Never place old clothes, books, albums, files or personal memorabilia under a bed. If your bedside table starts piling up with books and other kinds of junk, spend some time each month to sort through and put things back where they belong.

4. Purify Your Bed Space

Use saffron water to cleanse the space your bed occupies. Sprinkle the saffron water as you walk three times around the bed in a clockwise direction. Saffron is very powerful substance of purifying space. Do this cleansing ritual once a month.

5. Protect your Relationship
  • Never have a body of water to the left of a bedroom door (when you are looking from the inside facing out).
  • Never have water inside your home directly facing the front door.
  • Never have mirrors reflecting the marriage bed.
  • Never have two separate mattresses concealed under a large bed sheet.
  • Never have water inside your bedroom.
6. Moon activated water

Place an urn of water in sight of the full moon to obtain moon-activated water. Then, use it immediately the next day either to cleanse your bedroom or mix with your bath water and add 7 types of flowers that include the five element colours. This will bring
romance back into the marriage.

7. Activate the SW to Improve Relations Between Husband And Wife

Activate the SW corner of your bedroom. The element of SW is earth, so the presence of beautiful natural crystals and mountain energy will benefit the couple.

8. Balancing Yin and Yang

When air is especially dry or polluted, spray the air with water droplets to restore balance. The yin and yang balance of air in the home exerts tremendous influence on the prevailing mood of family members.

9. Energizing the Southwest with yellow

Paint the SW wall a yellow color. This part of your bedroom should not be too cluttered. Keep this area free of unwanted junk and once a week, spend a few moments clearing away whatever has built up here.

10. Empower the SW with bright light

Place a light in the SW to lift up tired chi, revitalizing it instantly.

11. Clear negativity by visualizing rivers of light

Stand outside your house. Close your eyes and imagine the sun as a throbbing ball of powerful nourishing white energy sending out a river of light from the sky, moving slowly and benevolently into your home and bedroom.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (July/August 2006)". To subscribe, please click here.