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Do you have problems conceiving?

To hear the pitter-patter of little feet…to see the sparkle in your baby's blue eyes…

These are some of the simple things in life that help to make a person feel complete. And like so many other folks, you have tried and tried…but have had no success.

by Sky

Well, you are not alone. Statistics show that in the United States…

Approximately 6.1 million women have difficulty conceiving or carrying a child to term. About 2.1 million married couples in the United States are infertile. Close to a third of infertility cases can be traced to causes in the male, nearly a third to causes in the female, and the remaining cases to unidentifiable problems or conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the incidence of infertility has not changed significantly in recent years. Even among fertile couples, the likelihood of conception in any given month is only about 20 percent, or one chance in five.

These statistics may be alarming but it's not necessary for you to lose sleep over numbers. In our latest focus, we'd like to share with you a superb collection of tips on the Feng Shui of fertility.

TIP 1 - Shar Chi From a Large Tree

For starters, learn to apply defensive or protective Feng Shui measures. You can begin by training your eye to recognize Poison Arrows in your environment.

Start at the front door of your home. Stand in the doorway facing outside and carefully survey your surroundings. Scrutinize all structures, whether big or small, natural or man-made. The purpose of this is exercise is to look for any Poison Arrows that may send Shar Chi in your direction.

Generally, a Poison Arrow is something sharp or angular that is pointed at you in a very hostile manner. The larger it is, the more threatening it can be. Some common Poison Arrows to look out for are arrowheads, beams, corners of buildings, pillars, pointed rooftops, etc. These generate a lot of Shar Chi or killing breath, which destroys your good luck and sends lots of negative energy your way

Check to see if any of the Poison Arrows mentioned above are directing Shar Chi at your door. Sometimes, this may even take the form of a large tree less than ten feet away. If there is one, then you must try to shield it or block it off from view. Otherwise, it's best to move out of the house altogether.

By the way, it's very auspicious for you to have a mango tree in your garden, especially if it is laden with luscious fruits. As you might have already guessed, a treeful of succulent mangoes symbolizes many offspring.

Once you have fixed the problem of Poison Arrows hitting your front door (if any), you can log on next week for Tip 2, which teaches you how to apply a very potent Feng Shui formula for enhancing fertility.

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