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Do You Have Problems Conceiving? (III)

With defensive Feng Shui and Compass Feng Shui taken care of, we shall venture into the intricacies of symbolic Feng Shui for fertility. There are many ways to apply symbolic Feng Shui as much as there are many symbols of fertility. A very potent symbol is the Dragon.

The Chinese have always regarded the celestial dragon as the ultimate symbol of good fortune, so it is always auspicious to display a dragon image. The Dragon is affiliated with the East, which is the place where the sun rises and where the spring rains originate. Hence, it stands for new beginnings.

In this issue, I will reveal to you some ways to tap into Dragon Chi to enhance Descendants Luck. In the olden days, among the Chinese, the continuance of the family line was of utmost significance. One was generally regarded as being extremely unfilial for being unable to produce an heir to ensure the continuance of the family name. Since, only males keep their surnames after marriage, it was very important to have male heirs.

In contemporary times like these, such customs are no longer practiced. But, we can always gain from putting into practice, their oft-used and exceptionally potent Feng Shui for fertility.

Tip 3 - Tapping into Dragon Chi to Enhance Descendants Luck

I'd like to share a traditional Chinese wedding ritual with you. Get a young male virgin born in the year of the dragon to symbolically roll across your bed. Alternatively, he can also bounce on your bed to activate the energies. That is usually what energetic little boys end up doing anyway.

It is even better if the child is related to either one of you, which means you are getting good Descendants Luck from within your own family. This strengthens the representation of Descendants Luck, especially if the boy is related to the husband. The Chinese usually observe this fascinating ritual is on the wedding night itself. But it is never too late to try this.

Here's another way to tap into auspicious Dragon Chi. Place a small figurine or image of a dragon next to your bed to simulate precious yang energy.

If you decide to use a dragon figurine, make sure that the element and color of the material used to make the figurine harmonizes with the element of the living space you are energizing.

Use dragon figurines made from ceramic, porcelain, crystal or precious and semi-precious stones for energizing the Southwest and Northeast sectors. Some examples of good mediums used to make dragon figurines are aventurine and jade. But since figurines made of precious and semi-precious stones can be quite expensive, carved wooden dragons are also effective in simulating the presence of the dragon in your room. Wooden carved dragons, especially those that are painted green, are more suitable for the East and Southeast sectors.

If you enjoy wearing fine jewellery, then a great way to tap into dragon chi would be to get an auspicious ornament which incorporates the design of a lively Chinese dragon. The dragon creates so much auspicious chi that you will enjoy a huge dose of good luck.

So let the powerful Yang Dragon help to bring the joy of healthy, happy children into your home. Coming up next is Tip 4, which explores the auspicious Feng Shui of good fortune fruit as a symbol of fertility.

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