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There are many feng shui ways you can use to mend divided marriages & infidelity

One of the saddest situations that can confront anyone is when love dies and the one we have pledged to love forever has moved on to loving someone else – especially when the moving on results in a marriage getting damaged, a heart getting broken, and children left confused and abandoned. That is when lives get changed forever.

In this issue, we focus on some of the ways feng shui can help prevent such a situation from ever arising. Feng shui is not just about wealth and getting rich. It is also about creating a loving and happy environment within the home, where the bonds between husband and wife grow stronger and the poisonous and tempting vibrations of infidelity never have a chance to enter.

When it comes to infidelity, the Chinese believe that prevention is better than cure, so all feng shui recommendations are based on creating an environment within the home where harmony, goodwill and calm reigns. Feng shui recommends the safeguarding of two important corners of the home and the correct placement of harmonious symbols in these corners to generate chi that is alight with husband and wife bonding energy.

Protect the Southwest & Northwest of your home

These are the two most important corners of the home - the Northwest and the Southwest - as they signify the husband and the wife, father and mother, patriarch and matriarch. They cannot be missing. If they are, the foundation of the family gets negatively compromised. It is only when both corners are present that the foundation of the family is strong. Then the yin and yang of the family can stay firmly bound to each other.

So the first thing to ensure is that these two directions - NW and SW - must exist in the home. If you are looking for a home or renovating your house in preparation for your marriage or for your son or daughter’s married life, you must make sure that both corners exist in the home.

Consequences of a missing Northwest

When the NW is missing, it suggests the husband or patriarch too will be “missing”. He either travels a lot as part of his work, or his work keeps him out of the house for an unnatural amount of time. Single women who live in homes where the NW is missing will find it hard to find a husband. When the NW is missing, it can also mean that the husband could leave the family and marry someone else. Another word for this is infidelity, but here the consequences are worse than infidelity, because when the NW is missing, it can cause husbands to leave the wife and family altogether and start a second family with another woman in another house.

When the home has a prominent, well-lit and significant Northwest, it enhances the energy of the man of the house and the home becomes an oasis of nurturing energy. The man of the family will always want to return to the home. Indeed, the moment he steps foot into his home, he is embraced by such warm, loving energy he will not want to go out. He feels his spirits rise, and a feeling of contentment overwhelms him.

Thus, not only should you ensure the proper existence of the NW corner in the home, you should also ensure that it never degenerates into a space which gets blocked by stacked-up old newspapers, cardboard boxes and other types of clutter. Energize the corner with lights and crystals, which brings strong earth element energy, which in turn enhances the metal element of the corner. Keep the area well-lit and tidy. Try not to have the toilet, storeroom or kitchen located here. Usage of the NW should be for productive and family-oriented activities. If you have a kitchen here, it brings fire at heaven’s gate fate.

When a toilet occupies the NW, it causes the luck of the patriarch to get flushed down the toilet. Should the store room be placed here, it causes the patriarch to symbolically get “locked up” which can mean being imprisoned – metaphorically or even physically. All three such usages of this corner bring a negative consequence, so the NW is best used as the living or dining room.

Those of you who are single will also benefit from strengthening the NW corner, as this is the surest way of attracting required male yang energy into your life. If you want a husband, make sure your Northwest is not missing or being used as a garage or toilet!

Never ever place pictures or paintings of sexy, sweet young things in your NW corner. Nudes are a big No No! No matter how artistic you think these look, remember that your marriage is more important than having expensive nude paintings in the home. When you hang them on the NW walls of your home, it simply creates the cause for them to manifest into the life of your husband (or father). Be careful – even as paintings, they can generate the energy of something you don’t want happening in your life.

All the symbols of infidelity should be banished from this corner. Thus make sure that when you display birds, dragons, horses - and all other auspicious objects - make them a pair or a foursome, never a threesome. You don’t want someone coming between you and your husband! Those of you who are already happily married, make sure you do not hang paintings of the beautiful peony in the Northwest (or in the bedroom). In fact, it is best to avoid placing flowers here altogether.

There are several ways to make sure a sweet young thing does not snare the patriarch of your family, who can be your husband or father. These days there are so many of these young beauties on the prowl. To many of them, even when a man is married with children, they do not mind being the second wife, especially when the man is rich and successful.

When yours is a lifestyle with many temptations for your husband, prevention is always better than cure. Trying desperately to look young and beautiful is NOT the complete answer. You also need to apply feng shui preventive measures.

It is necessary to keep the energy of the home conducive to the family staying together. With this in mind, here are the ten most important things to ensure to keep your husband happy and contented. Use any or all of these preventive measures in your home.

Make sure the Northwest of your home is not missing. If it is missing, install a very bright light in that missing corner and shine the light upwards. This is a temporary remedy and if it is possible, try to correct the missing corner by creating a room here.
If the storeroom is in the Northwest, demolish it and open up this area. This liberates the chi energy here and will make the couple of the house more loving towards each other. Then bring in a fresh coat of paint to give your relationship fresh new energy.
If the toilet or kitchen is in the Northwest, try to relocate them elsewhere. If you cannot relocate your kitchen, try to place the stove in another part of the kitchen. If you cannot relocate the toilet, then keep the toilet well-lit. Outside the toilet, place six all-metal windchimes. This will strengthen the Northwest areas of the house that fall outside the toilet.
Place large natural crystals in the Northwest to strengthen the metal element of the corner, because earth produces metal. This will strengthen the chi energy of the husband, making him tune inwards towards the family.
Place an all-metal coin tree in the Northwest to strengthen and concentrate the metal energy here. When you strengthen the Northwest this way, it not only safeguards your marriage, it also brings auspicious energy to the man of the house.
Take a family picture together with the man of the family smiling broadly and surrounded by his wife and children, then hang this picture on a Northwest wall. This is one of the best safeguards against the husband being taken from the family. It is a powerful feng shui tool and also serves as a subliminal reminder to the husband that he has a wife and family. Make sure that all members of the family look happy in the picture.
Place a raw amethyst crystal geode under the marital bed. There is an interesting ritual to this Taoist cure. Tie a red string to the amethyst and then tie the string to one of the legs of the bed, the one on the right side nearest your feet. The wife should sleep on the right side of the bed and the husband should sleep on the left. Make sure that the amethyst is under your feet and not under your head. This will bring good fortune to the couple and also ensure that the husband does not stray.
Do not have large water features, the kind that are dug into the ground as ponds and swimming or wading pools on the right hand side of your main front door (inside looking out). This causes the man of the family to develop a roving eye. Sometimes this can cause irreparable damage to the relationship between husband and wife, which can then lead to the break-up of the marriage.
Cover up all mirrors in the bedroom, especially those facing and reflecting the bed. Mirrors in the bedroom tend to attract an unwanted third party into the marriage.

Finally, for the year 2006, when the quarrelsome star flies to the center of the annual chart, everyone’s home gets afflicted by the hostile star #3. To ensure misunderstandings and fighting in your home does not get out of hand and to preserve the harmony of your home, place a crystal nine-tier pagoda in the center of the home. This MUST be placed on a small, elevated stand from where red light shines upwards bathing the pagoda with a red glow. This becomes a powerful cure against the center #3 star in 2006.

Remember that the #3 causes quarrelling between husband and wife, and it is this that jumpstarts the growing apart of a couple. Using anything red will suppress the negative effects of the hostile star. If you prefer, you can use a Laughing Buddha dressed in red OR you can hang a red mandala painting here. In 2006 however, the crystal nine-tier pagoda is the most effective.

Consequences of a missing Southwest

While safeguarding the Northwest, you should also safeguard the Southwest corner, as this part of the house signifies the family matriarch. The mother energy of the home is as important if not more so than the father energy. Without the nurturing care of the matriarchal energy, no home can be complete. Place all the symbols of love and romance in this corner. Remember that the Southwest is the universal corner for love and family. This meaning arises from the ruling trigram of the Southwest, which is KUN, and those who are familiar with the I Ching will know that KUN is the ultimate yin energy – always nurturing and always caring.

For single men who live in their bachelor pads, they must also ensure their Southwest is not missing. If it is, then it becomes difficult for them to find a good wife. The matriarchal energy is also required to keep the family together.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.