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Papa's Lucky Corner

The father. He is known by many names throughout the world: Papa, Pa, Daddy, Dad, Father, or Abba.

In most cases, the father is the breadwinner, the leader, the patriarch, the provider, and the source of all 'financial' resources within the family unit. His role is so important that there is a day named and devoted to him (Father's Day).

In Feng Shui, the father is the ultimate Yang symbol, identifiable with the character of Chien in the Book of Changes (I-Ching). The Chien symbol is pictured as three solid lines, firm, unyielding and unbending.

The Father's sector is Northwest of the home. This is a very masculine sector due to its influence from Chien. This is also one of the two most important sectors for the family owing to the father's important role in the family unit (the other is the matriarch sector).

As the father is usually the breadwinner of the family, it stands to reason that his successes would affect the family's fortunes and well-being. Therefore, by energizing this sector, you are ensuring your family fortune and good luck is guarded well.

So please, protect and guard your Northwest sector of the home well. If it is harmed, it would affect most, if not all, of the family.

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