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Mama's Lucky Corner

The mother. Ma, Mummy, Mom, Mother or Mama to most people around the world.

She is the embodiment of comfort when the heart is broken and needs mending, good counsel in times of trouble, a wise, understanding and listening friend, the 'elder sister' who sometimes shares clothes and cosmetics with her daughters, a caring and sympathetic nurse when there is illness in the family, and so much more. A mother in the family plays a cadence of myriad roles. Any attempt to summarize what she does is next to impossible.

Let's face it: the family unit revolves around our mothers. She knows all our comings and goings, advise us when she thinks it is prudent, and sagely withholds her counsel when it is not solicited. (Or even when is not solicited, she allows her opinion to be expressed.)

Because of the significant role a mother plays in the shaping of her family unit, Feng Shui recognizes her as the ultimate Yin symbol. She is often identified with the character of Kun in the Book of Changes (I-Ching), the giver of life, the responsible matriarch who keeps the family together. The Kun symbol is pictured as three broken Yin lines.

The Mother's (Earth) sector of the home lies in the Southwest. This is the personification of feminism because of the character Kun that influences it. It is appears to be an integral sector to protect as it is the quintessence of family harmony and well-being.

So, treasure your Southwest sector well for the family's peace of mind.

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