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The Brady Bunch & Feng Shui

Remember the Brady Bunch? The plot had an architect dad, Mike Brady, who would have made wonderful use of Feng Shui in his designs. The Bradys were a huge family who squabbled and fought and loved just like any other family. Yet when it came to the crunch, each Brady knew that they could depend on the other for support and encouragement.

In the same way, you may want to check out your best direction pertaining to the station of your life in your family according the Lo Shu square formula. A few pointers regarding the direction:

The resting place of the dragon is the East, where all our knowledge of Feng Shui begins. It is represented by the increased element of the big Wood, considered the most ideal for young, growing children. The East is especially a good direction for the eldest or only son of the family. These sons will be well built in stature and honorable in all their dealings.

The daughters are usually given the Southeast rooms. Although this is also a wood element, it is a smaller Wood element.

To enhance the Yang energy in the West sector for your teenagers, place Metal objects (i.e. windchime) there. Please remember to remove your Wood element objects from that sector, especially if there are plants or trees. Recall your destructive cycle: Metal destroys Wood.

Remember these directions and you should do well enough. Good luck!

Direction Who is it for? The Bradys
Northwest Patriarch Mike Brady
Southwest Matriarch Carol Brady
East Eldest Son Greg Brady
West Youngest Daughter Cindy Brady
South Middle Daughter Jan Brady
North Middle Son Peter Brady
Southeast Eldest Daughter Marcia Brady
Northeast Youngest Son Bobby Brady