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Great Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Give Dad the best this Father's day with our list of great gift ideas!



A golden rice bowl and chopsticks set makes a very handsome gift for any dad, as it symbolises extra sources of income.



Put a smile on his face by The Laughing Buddha brings prosperity and longevity, transforming troubles and worries into happiness.




For decidedly career-oriented fathers, the gold wealth ship is a great choice as it brings success and prosperity luck when positioned sailing in from one's auspicious directions. The majestic arowana or dragon fish brings career and wealth luck, while the traditional Chinese calligraphy brush-and-ink set enhances the luck of knowledge and wisdom.



If you live by the motto 'health is wealth', give him something that will reflect how much you care for his wellbeing. Placed beside the bed, the wu lou keeps him in good health, and auspicious cranes herald longevity and marital harmony.For fathers working in a position of influence, the auspicious ru yi or sceptre of authority would be the perfect present.




A set of 6 crystal balls, displayed in the northwest (the place of the patriarch or man of the house), activates and strengthens the energy of that sector and ensures that everything runs smoothly for him.



The Kuan Kung, who is regarded as a God of War as well as Wealth, is most powerful when placed in the northwest corner of the house. His powerful presence brings protection and good luck. It is believed that leaders and businessmen who place an image of this deity behind them at work will never lack support from important people.