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Using Feng Shui to Enhance Your Chances for Conceiving a Baby

Whenever a Chinese couple gets married, the theme of all congratulatory phrases often centers around HAPPINESS and MANY DESCENDENTS! One of the customs often practised in a Chinese wedding is to let a little boy (preferably below the age of 8) bounce several times on the conjugal bed, so that his concentrated yang energy may transfer onto the sheets and give the young couple a boost in producing a son in nine months’ time!

But conceiving isn’t necessarily that easy for everyone. Statistics reveal that infertility is on the rise and 1 out of 10 couples in America will have trouble conceiving. In the UK, the official statistic is 1 out of 7, and in Sweden, it is 1 out of 10. This problem is not only prevalent in Western countries but also in many developed Asian countries where marriage is occurring later, stress levels are higher and contraception is now easily available. For many couples, conceiving seems to be a problem even though there is nothing medically wrong with their reproductive organs. If you have been trying for several years to conceive a child without any success, then perhaps it is worthwhile investigating the feng shui of your home, and making an effort to enhance the descendant areas.

Caption: Beams or large light fixtures above the bed can seriously impair chances of conceiving. It is also likely to cause a rift between the couple. If you are doing it for a baby, you have to do it facing the right direction! Both the husband and wife should be sleeping with their heads pointed towards the husband’s Nien Yen or "Love" direction, as it is this direction that brings Descendant's Luck for the couple. Work out your husband’s Nien Yen direction by calculating his Kua number - you can do this for free at (click the "Kua Number Calculator" link on the right-hand toolbar). Then orientate your bed so that both your heads are pointed towards the husband’s Nien Yen direction. Remember that your conjugal bed should not be placed under beams or large protruding light fixtures, as this could seriously impair your chances of conceiving and also bring problems to your marriage!

According to the Later Heaven Arrangement of the Pa Kua, the universal Descendant's sector of a home is located in the WEST. You can greatly enhance your chances of getting pregnant by activating the West with a PINK LOTUS crystal. Just place a pink lotus in the West corner of your bedroom and the West corner of your living room! Does it have to be a lotus? Yes. Does it have to be pink? Yes.

Another excellent energizer is to hang a painting of "A HUNDRED CHILDREN". I can attest to how magical this energiser was for me! My husband and I had tried to conceive our first child William for 11 months until my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful piece of Chinese embroidery that had 100 children! You can also activate the West with a Laughing Buddha seated with many children… but in the case of the Buddha, our advice is to place it in the West of your living room and not in your bedroom!

In almost every tradition, there exists a Fertility Goddess who bestows the gift of fertility and conception. To the Chinese, as well as western traditions around the world, fertility comes from the MOON GODDESS who exercises control over the lunar cycle and whose celestial animal is represented by the RABBIT. If conceiving is your goal, invite the TWO MOONS with the MOON RABBIT and place it in the EAST of your home. The EAST is the palace of the ELDEST SON, and thus this method is particularly suitable for bringing a MALE CHILD.

One of the main reasons why Mother Tara is so beloved by thousands of people in the world is her benevolent kindness in bestowing the gift of a child when a child is requested in devotion and prayer. Mother Tara never fails, and all that is required for you to do is to invite her image into your home and chant her mantra. Tara manifests as the WHITE TARA OF FERTILITY, holding the utpala flower on her left hand and a wish-granting jewel on her right hand. Her precious mantra is OM MANI DHARI BAIZENE MAHA TATI SARI HUMHUM PAIPAI SOHA. Just chant her mantra 108 times a day and dedicate it to getting pregnant. You may even specify the gender of your child.



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