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Lighting Up Your Career

There are those who slog all their lives with little or nothing to show although they are multi-talented, very able people who worked hard and one wonders why. Is there no justice for these people who has the shining potential to be more than they turn out to be? So, if you are wondering what you can do to literally 'light' up your career and get a move on the fast track, here are some Feng Shui tips for you.


Spotlights are extremely helpful when it is shining directly at the South wall of a room. However, be very careful when you are using this medium as it also means excess energy. Remember the golden rule of Feng Shui: balance is the key word.

A table lamp

Observe the round shape of this lamp. This is an excellent purveyor of Feng Shui energizer as it is round (which denotes an endless cycle of good luck) and the color is rusty red (an auspicious Yang color).

A table lamp

How unfriendly this lamp is! There is no 'area' to welcome or accumulate the good Chi. It is basically all 'stick and bones'.

A crystal chandelier

This is one of the few all-round excellent Feng Shui energizers. The crystals in the chandelier reflect the light, bringing in added glow and warmth. Hang this in the South corner of any room, and the residents would bask in its warmth.