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Individual Fame & Success Orientations

For the Chinese, having a good name and reputation is probably one of the most important qualities. When you have a reputation for being honorable, honest, trustworthy, loyal and possessing great integrity, you are said to be a superior man.

Nowhere are the attributes of the Superior Man more eloquently expressed than in the I-Ching, the Book of Changes, perhaps the greatest classic to have survived the centuries in China, now being popularized int he West. Both Taoism and Confucianism derive much of their philosophy from this great text. Feng Shui also draws from the teachings of the I-Ching, and indeed, much of feng shui interpretation is based on the meanings attributed to the trigrams, the three-lined symbols which feature so prominently in feng shui analysis.

These trigrams are the root symbols of the I-Ching's 64 hexagram symbols.

Drawing from the I-Ching, one's personal Fame & Success orientation can be found based on one's personal Kua number.

If you do not know your Kua number, click here to check. (This link will open in a new window. Once you have your Kua number, close the window and return here to find your personal fame and success direction.)

Your Kua Number Your fame & success orientation
1 SE for both males & females
2 NE for both males & females
3 S for both males & females
4 N for both males & females
5 NE for males & SW for females
6 W for both males & females
7 NW for both males & females
8 SW for both males & females
9 E for both males & females

Sit facing your personal fame and success orientation when you are working at your desk, eating at the dining table and especially when you are attending an important meeting (be it a social or work occasion). When you sleep, sleep with your head pointed to your personal best direction.

There are of course many other schools of feng shui which can help bring you fame and recognition, such as flying star feng shui (which depends on the natal chart of your house and the time period in question), eight aspirations feng shui (which relies on the placement of physical enhancers in your fame corner) and symbolic feng shui (again making use of feng shui ornaments, shapes and design).

But even if you cannot change the position of your front door, paint the South of your house red, or find suitable symbols to use, all you eed to tap your personal lucky directions is a compass.

Simple, ain't it?