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Hang Windchimes to Attract Fame and Popularity

How do we attract fame and popularity into our lives? The solution lies in hanging windchimes in the South corner of a home or living-room. Contrary to popular beliefs, hanging windchimes in the home DO NOT attract naughty ghosts or spirits! In fact, windchimes are good enhancing tools that can help boost your popularity!

Windchimes can be made of bamboo, copper or stainless steel rods hung in groups of eight or five. The type of rods used must be hollow to allow Chi to be chanelled upwards. The swaying movement of the windchimes produces light, tinkling sounds. These sounds enable the accumulation of good Chi to settle which in turn welcomes fame luck into the home. The tinkling sounds also liven up the environment with doses of Yang energy.

Consider the following tips if you decide to hang windchimes to create auspicious energies in your home:

1) The material of the windchime

Choose the windchime material according to the element which rules that particular corner. Thus, it follows that metal windchimes are best suited for the West, Northwest and North corners. Use ceramic windchimes for the Southwest, Northeast and Center sectors of the home. Hang wooden windchimes such as bamboo in the South, East or Southeast corners. The fire element is in the South while the East and Southeast corners represent the wood element. As wood feeds fire in the productive cycle, hanging wooden windchimes will activate fame luck in the South. Hanging metal windchimes in the wood corners is to be avoided at all costs since metal destroys wood.

2) The number of rods in a windchime

The best number of rods to have in a windchime is 6, 7, 8 or 9. However, take note that the number of rods used has different effects on luck. Use 6 or 8 rods if you want to add a dash of luck in your mundane lives. If you want to chase bad luck away, 5 is most suitable.

3) The purpose of hanging a windchime

This will depend on whether the windchime is used to suppress bad luck or to energize luck. If the windchime is used to deflect poison arrows caused by overhead beams, then a five rod metal windchime should be used.