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Activating Your Fame Corner

Are you feeling unappreciated and your efforts unacknowledged in a career where fame, recognition and a good reputation are essential for success?

Make your fire of fame burn bright by energizing the fire element of the south, the fame corner. One of the best and easiest methods is to use bright lights - spotlights, crystal chandeliers and twinkling lights. Lights signify valuable yang energy and so they are especially potent. Just be sure that they are white, yellow or red, which are yang colours, and not yin colours like blue or black.

The colour red is particularly effective in activating the recognition factor. Everyday objects with red as their dominant colour can also be displayed in the south. These include soft furnishings such as upholstery, lampshades, drapes, bedspreads, rugs and carpets.

You can also use objects of the fire element to energize the fame (south) corner of your home. A fireplace is an exceptionally good way to do this, and its effects are especially evident during winter months when there is a great deal of yin energy present; when the warm, bright, cheery yang energy is most needed. In tropical countries where there is no practical need for a fireplace, other objects can be used to represent the fire element.

Since wood produces fire in the productive cycle, both wood and fire motifs can be incorporated into the interior decoration of rooms in the south part of the home, or on walls in the south side of a room. The wood element is best stimulated with plants, either live or artificial. Pine cones, banzai trees or other plants can be used for this.

You can also light red candles, hang a painting with red as the dominant colour or a photograph frame made of wood in this corner as they would be excellent supplements to the fire element.