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The Exuberant, Fiery Horse - Your Ticket to Fame

by Mavis

Does your profession require you to be well known and easily recognized? Are you or do you aspire to be a politician, model, singer, actor, writer, sportsman, or any other public figure? Well, here are some pointers that may help you along the way to achieving the fame you desire!

According to the Pa Kua of the Later Heaven Arrangement, the trigram that represents fame, recognition and reputation is Li, placed in the South. This means that the southern wall or corner of any home or room is the fame corner. The ruling element of the south is fire.

To energize the fame corner and activate opportunities for becoming famous and widely respected, place something that symbolizes fire in the south: bright lights, sun motifs, red-coloured objects and anything else that suggests this element.

You may also use objects that symbolize the wood element, as in the productive cycle, fire is produced by wood, so wood is said to be good for it. Avoid the water element as water destroys fire.

An excellent and most appropriate symbol to place in the South is an image of the horse. In Feng Shui, the horse, whose natural element is fire, is the seventh creature of the Chinese zodiac. It is favorably regarded as one of the animals that exude Yang energy and its representative direction on the zodiac is the South.

The horse is also one of the precious animals included in the mandala offering to Buddha. It's emblematic of nobility, class and a comfortable lifestyle, and stands for speed and perseverance.

When the horse is depicted laden with valuables such as gold ingots, pearls, precious stones, gold coins, etc, it is particularly precious and represents the aspiration of a comfortable life and the attainment of high rank, which brings recognition and a life of ease and luxury.

Another type of horse that is good for display is the tribute horse, which the Chinese always associate with gifts given to emperors and other powerful court officials - the tribute horse has been associated with gifts brought by the vanquished to the victors. Thus, if you're involved in a competitive situation, use a painting or sculpture with the tribute horse as the subject to bring you victory luck.

If you cannot find such an image, look for something that shows a precious horse (preferably white) that is being led and not ridden by an official. This symbolizes upward mobility and promotion, and is very auspicious indeed.

The horse is best placed in the living and family areas, but never in the bedrooms. Also, do not display a horse that is rearing up, particularly if it's directly behind you or directly confronting you, as this may cause you accidents and physical problems related to the limbs. Instead, get a statuette or painting of a horse or horses that are in non-threatening postures.

Some wonderful images of auspicious horses are the Tang tribute horse sculptures and paintings that are ideal for the south part of your living room, obtainable right here in the FS Megamall.