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Eight Mansions

How do I use this Feng Shui Compass?

Silva Feng Shui Compass

This feng shui compass incorporates all the sub-directions (the 24 mountains) to allow you to find the exact orientation of your house. It is made by SILVA, the world's best compass manufacturers; so you can be sure that your reading is accurate. Excellent for use with Eight Mansions and Flying Star Feng Shui, this light-weight compass is a definite must-have!

1. Hold your compass level or place it on a level surface i.e. floor or table. The blue arrow (with the words "READ BEARING HERE") should be pointing towards the direction you intend to take i.e. the main entrance into the building.

2. Rotate the movable dial on the compass so that the red N and the black N on the dial are aligned with the white N on the needle. The red arrow on the lower face of the dial should be exactly below the red-coloured end of the compass needle, which points to the magnetic north. You need not move the compass or turn it around to do this.

3. The white notch on the fixed blue dial marks the exact bearing (in degrees) of the direction you are facing. Read the bearing indicated in degrees on the outer ring of the dial. The black numerals on inner ring indicate the 24 Mountains, so that you can tell at a glance whether your house faces the 1st or 2nd/3rd sub-sectors of the 8 main directions. This part of the compass is especially convenient for Flying Star Feng Shui practitioners.

EXAMPLE: If the white notch falls on 80 degrees, then your house faces East 1. If the reading is 280 degrees, then your house faces West 3. If it points to S, which is 180, then your house faces South 2.


THE IMPORTANCE OF USING A GOOD COMPASS in The Practice of Powerful Formula Feng Shui

The first step in the practice of Formula Feng Shui is to determine your bearings or compass directions. To get proper bearings, you must learn how to operate a good compass.

Observing the direction in which the sun rises or sets is not accurate enough. The practice of formula feng shui requires very precise and careful measurements of the compass directions.

There are 8 main directions; each of which are divided into 3 sub-directions. That makes 24 different directions of which there are 24 possible recommendations. This is the reason why, even the most accomplished feng shui masters use a Luo Pan (Chinese Geomancy Compass).

Therefore, a reliable compass is definitely the most essential feng shui tool; no serious practitioner of feng shui can do without one.

EASY STEPS To Determine the Direction Of Your Door

1. Take the 1st reading at your doorstep - standing inside facing outwards.

2. Take the 2nd reading one step inside the house, still facing the main door.

3. Take the 3rd reading one step outside the house, still facing the main door.

If there is a slight difference in the three readings, you should take an average and deem this to be the direction your main door faces.

NOTE: Where there is a large swing in your compass readings, it is advisable to take a look at spatial arrangements of furniture and electronic equipment.