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Eight Mansions

What is Compass School Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Art of harnessing Wind and Water. Feng Shui is also about capturing the Dragon's vital breath breath or Chi, the force that circulates and moves within the environment, indoors and outdoors, on land, in water, across mountains...

Chi is everywhere.

Chi is the invisible energy that vibrates through the human body and resonates across the lands of the world, moving, whirling, circulating and finally... settling. And wherever it settles, or is created, as special kind of energy is released which attracts abundant good fortune, engenders vibrant good health and creates enormous prosperity.

Man's destiny is vastly improved when Chi is captured through the practice of Feng Shui...

In the beginning, attention focused on Landscape Feng Shui where emphasis was on the shapes of mountains and the direction of water flows. Over the centuries master practitioners realised Man's destiny could be further enhanced if there was also correct alignment of the environment's Chi to that of the human Chi of the individual.

Thus was Compass School Feng Shui (also known as Eight Mansions) formulated and developed.