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Rearranging Your Desk Could Make You Smarter

Previous articles in this section have given advice on how arrange the furniture in a student's room, whether or not certain colours are suitable for the bedroom, the significance of the Ken trigram and how to use feng shui in your garden to ensure academic success of the students in your family. In this article, I'll tell what you can do to energize the study desk, whether it is your own or your child's.

The first thing to do is to try to situate the study table in the Northeast corner of the study, or the student's bedroom. Now, before you can activate education and study luck for the student, you should know that the element of the northeast is earth.

Thus, the best way of energizing excellent study luck for the students in your family is to display earth-element objects like crystals and pottery or anything that symbolizes earth in the northeast corner of their rooms. This would effectively raise the chi in that area to benefit their studies. to energize the northeast corner, just use anything that symbolizes earth. Things that symbolize fire may also be used, as in the productive cycle of elements, fire produces earth.

There are quite a number of good fortune symbols you can place on the study desk. Choose one that appeals to you the most and use that. Don't use all the objects suggested here as you may overdo it and the effect would be counterproductive rather than beneficial. It is often said that with the practice of feng shui, 'less is more'.

A crystal globe is the perfect energizer for the Northeast corner because of its double representation of the earth element: crystals come from the earth, and the globe represents the world/earth. You may also use crystals in other shapes, but the crystal globe is especially potent for this purpose.

The Citrine crystal tree is another object that can be used to energize luck in academic matters. Although it's commonly known as the "merchant's stone", the citrine also enhances education, business and interpersonal relationships. These pale yellow stones are excellent for fostering emotional stability, especially when you embark on a new venture. In addition to the qualities of the citrine, the tree shape in which it is presented represents growth, making the crystal tree a powerful attractor of study luck!

Look out for the next article in this education section, where I'll tell you what other symbolic objects you can use for great grades ahead!