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Feng Shui Your Classroom For Academic Success


By Sky

If only everyone knew what went on deep within a teacher's heart and mind. Every dedicated teacher wishes academic success for each and every single one of his/her students. Notice how a teacher beams with pride every time a student benefits from his/her guidance by achieving excellent grades.

The Chinese have a saying that goes like this, "A brilliant teacher produces an outstanding student." Chinese tutors also have a little bit of help from some very potent Feng Shui principles, which enable them to harness the excellent Chi that enhances Education Luck.

Wouldn't you like to be able to tap into this amazing Educational Luck as well? Start by locating the Northeast Sector of your classroom. According to the Nine Life Aspirations Formula, the Universal Education Sector is situated in the Northeast of any space. This could be the Northeast corner of your house, your office, your workroom, your study, or even your desk. When the Education Sector is activated, students perform better academically with lesser effort.

Always use a good compass to establish the location accurately. Remember that Feng Shui deals with the balance of energy. So, it is the magnetic direction that I am referring to here. I want to make it clear that there is no need to transpose any of the compass directions. Thus, regardless of whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the Education Sector is always in the magnetic Northeast as is indicated by any ordinary compass.

Having done that, enhance your Education Luck by energizing the space with the element that governs that space. In the case of the Northeast sector, the governing element is Small Earth. To activate the inherent energies of this corner of your classroom, decorate it using the colors and the symbols that are associated with the Earth element. Try using natural quartz crystals or ceramics. A world map or a globe would make a great choice. Earth colors range from mild yellows to deep browns.

You can also use the symbol of Fire to enhance the Education Sector in the Northeast. This is due to the fact that in the Productive Cycle of Elements, the element that produces Earth is Fire. So, you can try your hand at decorating with the colors and symbols associated with the Fire element. An excellent way to energize with the Fire element is by using bright lights. You can also use the color red for décor.

If, you sense that the classroom is somehow not conducive towards learning then perhaps some feng shui space clearing is in order. This is a good method for clearing the space of all the negative energies that might be adversely affecting you and your students. You can do it with a Singing Bowl or Space Enhancing Bell.

Teachers can further tap Educational Luck by using the Eight Mansions Formula, which is a more personalized method of practicing Feng Shui. Basically, face your Fu Wei Direction while you are teaching in the classroom. Use the Kua Calculator to determine your Fu Wei Direction, which is indicated as your Fourth Best Direction. Merely orientate your desk in school to face this direction, or any of your other good directions. Arrange for your students to sit facing their Fu Wei direction while studying. For better results, teach them to practise this whether in the classroom or at home or in the library. Then sit back and watch them flourish under your guidance.