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Symbols For Enhancing Education Luck


By Mavis

In the previous article on education, there was advice on how to energize the earth element in the northeast corner. This time, I'll tell you about the feng shui good fortune symbols you can use to activate and enhance academic success.

The Carp

The Chinese regard the carp as a most potent symbol of education and career success. This symbol of good fortune is known for its legendary valour in swimming against the current to reach the Dragon Gate or 'Lung Men' to become a dragon. This has made the carp a symbol of perseverance and literary and educational success.

As for the dragon carp, it is a creature with the tail of a carp and the head of a dragon, which symbolizes the humble carp transforming into a dragon (no, it's not a mutant!).

Now, where exactly does one place these excellent symbols? A figurine or statuette of the carp can be placed on the study desk to bring education luck. Dragon carps, usually made of wood or ceramic, should be displayed in pairs on either side above the entrance into the home. Paintings and figurines of dragon carp would also make wonderfully appropriate gifts for a pregnant lady, to wish her an extraordinarily intelligent child.

The Elephant

In Buddhism, the elephant is one of the eight precious holy animals. It is often depicted with a lotus flower on its back upon which is seated the Buddha of Wisdom. The word for elephant in Chinese sounds like hsiang, which can also mean Prime Minister. The elephant is thus the symbol of strength, prudence and wisdom - all qualities of a good and moral leader. The elephant is thought to bring plenty of good fortune because it is believed to be the bearer of the wish-granting jewel and all manner of precious things.

Its symbolic presence in the home signifies the luck of having all one's aspirations granted. It's also said to be an excellent symbol for granting descendants luck to households. The best way to display the elephant in the home is to buy a pair of ceramic elephants and place them inside the house on either side of the main entrance door. You can place flowering plants or anything else deemed auspicious on top of the elephant as well.

The Shell

The shell is one of the eight auspicious objects, and it represents the voice of Buddha as well as the far-reaching essence and depth of Buddha's teachings. Buddhists consider the shell a lucky object, as it is one of the marks on the Buddha's footprints. Though normally known as a symbol of a prosperous voyage and used to create good travel luck, the shell can also be used to enhance study luck.

Shells are usually mounted on a rosewood stand and are often gilded with gold or silver. You may use a fairly large conch or cowrie shell (with or without a stand) to strengthen the energy in the northeast sector or corner of your living room to create excellent education luck.

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