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Activating The Fire Element In Study

By Mavis

In one of the previous articles on feng shui for education, I mentioned some earth-element objects that you can use to energize the study table. This time, I'll tell you how to activate the fire element to enhance study luck.

Having a study lamp on the study table is a necessity as well excellent feng shui, but it's important to choose a suitable lamp carefully. Lamps that come in high-tech, modern shapes may look good, but just make sure that they are not threatening-looking or shaped in a hostile way, with pointed ends or cutting edges. It's much better to get a lamp that is rounded rather than angular, as anything sharp sends out 'poison arrows' that will adversely affect whoever it's pointed at. With a suitable lamp, you create valuable yang energy, which is a great fire energizer.

You should also make sure that the light is just bright enough for the purpose of studying, but do not use spotlights, as the yang energy emitted by these bright lights is too strong and will be harmful rather than helpful.

A crystal chandelier, if you can afford it, is also an excellent way to energize the education corner when hung in the northeast of the living room, as it represents a combination of fire and earth. If you find crystal chandeliers too high above your budget, you may get a cheaper substitute: glass. This works just as well, as glass is also of the earth element.

Of course, the colour that represents fire is the energetic red. Using red drapes, curtains, cushions or rugs are good ways of supplementing the northeast's earth with fire. A word of caution, though: don't overdo it by painting entire walls in red as this may overwhelm the room. Remember that balance is essential in the practice of feng shui.

Be creative and use the many designs and motifs that symbolize fire innovatively in your décor. Designs featuring the sun and stars in red, yellow or orange would be suitable. As before, don't go for the kill by using too many of these fiery symbols. When in doubt, have less rather than more.

Finally, another thing you can do is to hang a painting with red as the dominant colour, or a picture of a mountain on the northeast wall of the student's bedroom or the living room. These should be enough to sufficiently supplement both the fire and earth elements.

Look out for the next article in this section, where I'll tell you whom among the many deities in the Chinese culture has the ability to bring you academic success!