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Energy Zones & the Value of Colors in Feng Shui

The five elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood - dominate the different directions of our environment. These elements are represented by specific colors and shapes, and bring increased harmony and balance when correctly used in space design, both in the home and at the office.

Colors can be used in art, cushion covers, drapes, curtains, carpets, etc. In this article, we will move through the different zones of our surroundings and discuss the energies that dominate each zone, and the colors one should use in interior décor and design.

First get yourself a compass to find your zones. Your living space should be divided into 9 equal rectangles, as shown below:

You can divide up the whole house, or individual rooms, when using this method of feng shui.

North Zone

The Northern part of the house is characterized by the element of WATER. Water is represented by BLUES and BLACKS, so using these colors in the North will energize the intrinsic element of this zone. For instance, you could use black leather furniture with blue cushion covers. Energizing this zone with water colors improves the career prospects for the inhabitant. The North can also be energized with metal colors, which include gold, silver and white.

The awakening qualities of Northern energy are helpful to people looking to make a change in their career or in their lives. Placing a yang water feature in this zone is excellent for energizing the positive qualities of this zone. If you want to energize for money luck and greater income, a good type of energizer to use are rolling ball water features, which represent increased turnover for businesses.

Northeast Zone

The Northeast part of the house is characterized by the element of EARTH. To energize this part of your room or home, make use of earth colors such as YELLOWS and BROWNS. You can also use REDS, which nourishes the earth energies of this zone.

The energies of the Northeast are useful in instilling a sense of motivation and purpose. It is a good sector for those who need to establish a more precise direction in life - e.g. students, job-seekers, newly-weds.

Energizing the Northeast part of the house in the colors mentioned will improve sense of well being and help chart a successful path for those in need of guidance.

East Zone

The Eastern zone is characterized by the element of WOOD. To energize the East, use GREENS and BLUES as much as possible.

Eastern energies are superb for inspiring optimism, contentment and material & spiritual growth. The whole ambience of the East encourages an individual to plan the future with an affirmative and positive mindset. This zone is thus suited for use as studies and home offices.

Plants and water features in this zone will also enhance the good energies of this part of the house.

Southeast Zone

The Southeast part of your living space is dominated by the WOOD element and associated with wealth and creativity in every form. Individuals with their bedrooms or studies in this part of the home will enjoy a steady build up of wealth and achievement in whatever they are currently pursuing.

Good energizers for the Southeast are greens and water features.

South Zone

The Southern zone is characterized by the element of FIRE. Fire is represented by REDS and ORANGES. Using these colors in the fabrics or the South will enhance the positive qualities of this zone.

Southern energies are conducive to fame and success. It brings wonderful recognition luck from your colleagues, friends and contemporaries. It will also impress your business associates and bring success to ventures you undertake. Energizing the South correctly is thus vitally important to your status in life.

Horses are especially good to display in the South, as they represent abundant Yang energy. They symbolize courage, perseverance, fame and success.

For those who are in business or who hold public office, an even better symbol to display in the South is the Tribute Horse.

Tribute horses in the old days were piled high with tribute, adorned with bejewelled saddlery and led to Emperors and high court officials upon their victorious return from battle.

The tribute horse symbolizes great riches being carried your way and brings you victory luck over your business rivals or colleagues at work.

Southwest Zone

The Southwestern zone is characterized by the EARTH element. To energize this part of your living space, use YELLOWS, BROWNS and REDS.

The energies of the Southwest are those of tranquillity and romance and are helpful in building and maintaining strong relationships. This zone provides a very comfortable and restful atmosphere on an emotional level.

Problems are easily solved in this area and communication is enhanced. A bedroom in this sector is an ideal way to exploit its intrinsic energies.

Good energizers for the Southwest are lights, lamps and crystals. For those looking for love and romance, a pair of mandarin ducks will be most suitable.

West Zone

In the West part of the home, the ruling element is METAL. Thus it is good to use metal colors such as WHITE, SILVER, GOLD or earth colors such as YELLOW, BROWNS and other earth tones.

Western energy is related to family and children luck. Enhancing this sector will ensure excellent descendant luck so that your children will be smart and healthy.

The energies of youth and joyfulness in this sector are very uplifting and especially helpful to those who are bored or dissatisfied with what they are doing.

Use metallic ornaments like bells and chimes to increase the yang energy in this sector. Earth element enhancers like crystals are also beneficial.

Northwest Zone

The Northwest sector of your home is governed by the METAL element. To enhance this corner, use furnishings that are WHITE, GOLD, SILVER and other metallic colors.

Strengthening the metal energy of this sector will help you to harness the support of your elders or superiors at work. Business folk will find this especially helpful in getting the backing of influential folk.

For those who are climbing up the social ladder, this is also gives them the advantage in networking. Bosses should make sure that the metal energies in this sector are enhanced in order to ensure that they remain in a position of command.

Excellent energizers here include the ru yi and the dragon tortoise for power and authority as well as for support and protection.