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The Colours of Fortune

SATURDAY January 13 2001

Feng shui master Lillian Too has just launched her 'Feng Shui in Colours' ring collection for those who believe coloured stones can attract good luck and shield the wearer from calamities. KEE HUA CHEE had the good fortune of meeting her for this story.

When Lillian Too talks about the esoteric art of feng shui, even the most hardened and cynical businessman sits up and listens.

After all, this feng shui master was the first Malaysian woman to run a public listed company, then went to Hong Kong to run Dao Heng Bank - the territory's sixth largest bank - and then took over the Dragon Seed Deparment Store.

She cashed in at the peak of her go getting career and, flushed with liquid funds, returned to Kuala Lumpur to become a fulltime mother to Jennifer, her only child.

If Too insists her stellar career and abundant good luck are due to feng shui, who dares say nay?

Too lives in splendour in Pantai Hills, KL and is the plant's most prolific author on feng shui. Her seminars attract tycoons, entrepreneurs, and the layman.

Her 45 books have sold nearly four million copies and been translated into 23 languages.

Why and how can wearing rings studded with semi-precious stones lure in luck? Shouldn't plain hard work, education, long hours and talent be part of the equation?

"Of course all the above are an intrinsic part of the formula to success! There are many schools of feng shui, some of which are very complex and involves geomantric compasses, Flying Stars and trigrams.

"One third of your life is pre-destines by Heaven and this is Heaven Luck. There is almost nothing you can do what Heaven has already apportioned you.

"Then there is Human luck. This constitutes one third of your overall luck and you determine the outcome.

"So if you study hard and become a rocket scientist, chances are you will make good money, earn the respect of your peers and enjoy your vocation.

"If you cheat, steal, gamble or get involved in shady, dangerous deals, then obviously you shouldn't be surprised to get arrested by police or come to a bad end.

"Finally there is Earth Luck which involves feng shui. As feng shui can be manipulated and controlled, a person can also enhance his feng shui for maximum impact!

"If you read my books, you will realize feng shui is as complicated or easy as you wish! Simple feng shui, like wearing specific feng shui rings, can be just as effective as costly and lengthy practices!

In conjunction with OE Fine Jewellery, Too has conceptualized and designed seven new rings using amethyst, citrine, onyx, blue topaz and ruby.

Like her first collection using diamonds, the rings feature auspicious symbols like dragon, good fortune coins, arowana fish and the phoenix."

There are some who feel better after spending RM20,000 in re-aligning their doors, knocking and rebuilding the walls and re-arranging furniture. For those on a smaller budget, feng shui rings are heaven-sent.

Lillian Too's "Colours of Feng Shui" are available in Lot 10 (03-2411688), the KL Craft Complex (03-21613323), Island Peninsula Penang (04-8999880), the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone 3 in Penang (04-6415707) and Plaza Mahkota Malacca (06-2921818).

It can also be purchased via