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Driving Colors

Cars to many are just a mode of transport, while to others a reflection of their identity. Whatever the reason, color plays an important role in the decision- making, be it for practical reasons or for aesthetics. In fact to some, obtaining the perfect color is so crucial that they are willing to sacrifice time for it!

While we may be looking at the latest trends in colors, it also pays to spare some attention on how the colors can affect you.

In Feng Shui there are certain colors that do not go well for certain elements, some, may even bring about disastrous consequences when in conflict! Therefore, it is advisable to find out the conflicting colors and avoid if possible.

To do this, you must firstly be familiar with the productive and destructive cycles of the elements. They are shown as below:

Productive Cycle :

Fire ---> Earth ---> Metal ---> Water ---> Wood ---> Fire

Destructive Cycle :

Fire ---> Metal ---> Wood ---> Earth ---> Water ---> Fire

Every person is represented by an element according to the year that they are born in.

For example, a person that is born in the year of the Rat belongs to the Water element. Therefore, colors that are beneficial to the Rat person are Metallic ones, such as Gold and Silver. This is because in the productive cycle, Metal produces Water thereby enhancing the Rat person. Black and Blue too are beneficial as it belongs to their own element, Water.

On the other hand Earth destroys Water, in the Destructive cycle. Therefore, it is imperative that the Rat person avoids Earth colors. These are colors such as Ochre and Beige.

Below is the table of the elements corresponding to the twelve animal signs of the zodiac:

Animal Sign Element
Rat Water
Ox Earth
Tiger Wood
Rabbit Wood
Dragon Earth
Snake Fire
Horse Fire
Sheep Earth
Monkey Metal
Rooster Metal
Dog Earth
Pig Water

If you are unsure on the elements representing each color, below is a list of basic colors together with their respective elements.

Color Element
Blue,Black Water
Red Fire
White, Silver, Gold Metal
Yellow, Ochre, Beige Earth
Green Wood

Armed with this information, you can now choose a color that suits you and your car in every way!