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Color Your Car According to Your Kua

Begin by referring to the table below for your personal kua number. Look for your birth year in the first column, which lists out the birth years for those born after February 3rd. In the second column are the kua numbers for males. The kua numbers for females are in the third column.


Energy Zones & the Value of Colors in Feng Shui

The five elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood - dominate the different directions of our environment. These elements are represented by specific colors and shapes, and bring increased harmony and balance when correctly used in space design, both in the home and at the office.


Flower Essences Uplift Your Ch'i

Feng Shui has long been recognized and appreciated for its ability to allow us to live in harmony with our environment. The teachings of this ancient practice allow us to enhance the quality of our lives.


Rings for Fame and Fortune

Top jeweler and "feng shui" practitioner join hands to craft new "elements" range.


The Colours of Fortune

Feng shui master Lillian Too has just launched her 'Feng Shui in Colours' ring collection for those who believe coloured stones can attract good luck and shield the wearer from calamities. KEE HUA CHEE had the good fortune of meeting her for this story.


Driving Colors

Cars to many are just a mode of transport, while to others a reflection of their identity. Whatever the reason, color plays an important role in the decision- making, be it for practical reasons or for aesthetics.