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Feng Shui For Children

Through them, we are immortalized forever. Isn't it any wonder then that we would spend the greater part of our lives pooling our resources to make sure that our next generation would live comfortably?

In Feng Shui practice, children are considered to be one of the eight aspirations. In this first installation, we will thoroughly explore on how Feng Shui can help you have that little bit of immortality too.

  • Decorate your marriage bed with symbols of fertility such as images of the phoenix and dragon cavorting in the sky while playing with a ball of fire.

  • Have a virgin boy born in the year of the dragon to roll across your marriage bed. Feng Shui practice believes that this would infuse it with favorable Chi and you would have sturdy offspring.

  • Most new brides of well-to-do families were often given generous helpings of pomegranates. This is because they hope that the number of male offspring would equal or exceed the number of seeds in the fruit itself.

  • For descendant's luck, try energizing the west side of your house with bright lights. This would ensure that you would have filial, obedient children.

  • Been trying for a few years and still haven't had a child? Try placing an elephant figurine in your bedroom and stroking its trunk every night before you sleep. If you're particular about the sex of your unborn, you might want to place a stone on the back of the elephant for a male child.