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Color & Children

Thinking of redecorating your child's bedroom with new wall paint or wallpaper? Don't simply decide on anything yet. Check with us regarding what will be good for your child these formative, impressionable years. We'll help you Feng Shui your child's room so that it's conducive to him or her.

Which Colors Are Best For My Kids?

For the West

Try some white and metallic colors, as this is the 'Metal' sector of the home.

Soft furnishings, such as drapes, rugs, and cushion covers, can be any color except red, since red is of the Fire element and that destroys Metal.

For the East

The East is a wonderful amalgamation of Water and Wood elements. Therefore, the best colors for this sector would be either blues or greens.

For the walls, use something whimsically light in tone.

Furniture-wise, it would be smart to allow your creativity to go amok with soft furnishings (i.e. flowered designs on couch covers or rugs).

Please avoid geometric, checks and stripes designs. The sharp ends represent poison arrows.