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Auspicious Locations For Your Sons and Daughters

Feng Shui is particularly potent for enhancing the luck of the family as a unit. More specifically to the children of the household, it can be used to energize for luck in studies and education, prevent sibling quibbles and bring headstrong, rebellious children back under control.

The Place of the Sons

The East is said to be the best place for sons of the family. If the East sector of your home is large enough, you can place the bedrooms of all your sons here. If you have only one son, place him here. Sons are always regarded as the dragons of the family, thus placing images or symbols of the dragon in the East part of the house brings much auspicious luck for your sons, and all descendants of the family.

If you happen to have a toilet or kitchen in the East, hang a five-rod windchime to dissolve the bad Chi.

If the East sector clashes with your sons based on the Kua formula, it is still a good idea to protect this sector of the house and to energize it. Your sons can still sleep in this part of the house, but let him sleep with his ehad pointed to one of his good directions. (Use our Kua Calculator to find your sons’ Kua number, good and bad directions.)

If you have more than one son, let the oldest boy sleep in the East, and let the younger boys sleep in the North or Northeast. These are the other sectors of the house that are good for sons of the family.

You can energize the Northeast with earth element objects. The crystal globe is especially good, particularly if your children are of school or college going age, as this is also excellent for study luck.

The North can be energized with water, but remember NEVER to energize the bedroom with water as this leads to illness, loss and misfortune. Instead, use the tortoise to energize this sector. This will give plenty of support and harmony to the family.

The Place of the Daughters

The South, Southwest and West are the best locations in the house for the daughters of the family. Daughters placed in these sectors will have their well-being and happiness luck greatly enhanced.

You can energize the South and Southwest with lights and fire energy, while the West is a metal sector, best enhanced with earth or metal objects. If your daughters are of school going age, a crystal globe or personal crystal point is best. Let her carry it with her for exams, and when not in use, place such crystals in the West sector of the home or the West of her bedroom.